Charles Jacobs Moment: Leftist Rabbis Endanger Jewish Community

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This new edition of The Glazov Gang features the Charles Jacobs Moment with Dr. Charles Jacobs, the president of Americans for Peace and Tolerance.

Dr. Jacobs focused on Leftist Rabbis Endanger Jewish Community, revealing how enabling Hamas-linked groups isn’t supporting social justice or Jewish security.

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And make sure to watch Dr. Jacobs discuss Saudi Curriculum in American High Schools, where he unveils the meaning of “Jihad” in Newton:

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3 thoughts on “Charles Jacobs Moment: Leftist Rabbis Endanger Jewish Community”

  1. I respect Charles as I’ve watched his other videos. But I felt this presentation to lose attention. The conservative side whines but does not follow up with counter activists which are sorely needed. very few in the world now support Israel or Jews. Id like to see even one active pro Israel Muslim group.

    Also Israel has an image problem because they don’t embrace anti treason enforcement enough and if they can’t defend themselves internally how can they handle the negative world view. . Treason is indeed a democratic concept

  2. Western apathy and tolerance of the intolerant is going to be its downfall , unless the west wakes up soon. Even Trump does not get it. Mc Master, the chief of national intelligence was appointed by him and Mc Master is in love with islam and a convert, i think. No schools teach the real facts. The media supports sharia and the left 100%. The west is infiltrated deeply with islam and no leaders will admit there is a problem , a civilizational one!
    Its very frightening that western norms and freedoms are being used to defeat itself – the best kind of propaganda of all!

  3. One has to wonder what is going on when so many groups living in the West are freely allowed to incite hatred and the murder of citizens of the host nations – at the same time as those hosts are threatened with arrest by their own governments for speaking out against those groups in defence of the host civilisation and their own families

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