Lurie Moment: 5 Wrong Assumptions of Atheists

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On this new edition of The Glazov Gang, we feature the Barak Lurie Moment with Barak Lurie, the author of the new book, Atheism Kills: The Dangers of a World Without God – And Cause for Hope.

Barak focuses on 5 Wrong Assumptions of Atheists and reveals why atheism kills.

Don’t miss it!

And make sure to watch Barak’s 3-part series below in which he unveils How Atheism Kills:

Part I: Atheism Kills: The Dangers of a World Without God – And Cause for Hope.

Part 2: Godlessness = Abortion, Eugenics and China’s One-Child Policy.

Part 3: Hitler was NO Christian.

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16 thoughts on “Lurie Moment: 5 Wrong Assumptions of Atheists”

      1. No it’s not for one I’m one…i dont kill anybody….ya i don’t believe in God….I’m against abortion that’s killing a human….to me i dont care what you believe..u can believe anything…so i don’t no where u ppl get this shit at….you guys are fucking dumb

  1. To me this sounds like a load of crap.
    Like every believer he fails to deliver a single piece of evidence for the existance of whatever god that man has invented.
    Nor does he give an explanation for the wide range of gods and religions let alone which one is the real one.

    Why is he skipping islam?

  2. Right …. !
    … when you believe what you say… than go and LOOK back in history!

    What is this “GOD-THING” ? Nothing else as a MAN-MADE
    “SOMETHING” plant into peoples mind for the reason to controlling masses of peoples brain, as making them blind and hypnotized not to think by themself anymore !

    So MANY different Gods are made up from so many different so called “Religions” are created…..
    WHICH fighting against each other to “be the ONLY right one’ …
    and look back WHAT it did bring and has done to Humans… in History! (and still is doing!)
    Also Christianity was violent to the best !

    EVERY “RELIGION” made up is a political TOOL for having control over people! ALL Religions want that people do NOT to think or questioning any of their made up “rules and instructions, they want people following this NONSENSE blind like slaves !

    It is sad that this “community ” now goes this way !
    But wait, maybe in future will Christian Churches adopting the SHARIA LAWS … looks like so …. ( listen to the Papst and some other Christian Priests…)

    Sorry, I did respect “The Glazov Gang” with their reports,

    1. Sylvia No one can control you unless you let them and you need to trust someone. There is a real God and his name is Jesus the wonderful councelor and king of kings born in a manger and born to be our savior taking on all our sins on the cross a horrible death in our place and rising again to life on the 3rd day. He is the God of love truth and mercy and justice and he loves you more than anyone on this earth and more than you’ll ever know unless you ask him into your heart Don’t put your trust in man who fails no matter who he is. The bible says the first will be last and the last will be first which means not all people that profess to be a christian will go to heaven. That means that a person can be a minister and not make it if his or her heart is not right. God made it very simple so the simplist person so to speak can go to heaven and have a relationship with the lord by sincerely asking Jesus into their heart to be their savior and lord and accepting his sacrifice for all their sins past present and future. But it simply has to be sincere. When that happens a measure of the holy spirit will come into you and you will come spiritually alive. Paul in Bible hated christians and even did them harm but on road to damascus God met him there and changed his life forever. Right now Sylvia you can only go on intellect but your blinded to the spiritual part of yourself . You have 6 senses, sight hearing seeing feeling mind and soul. To deny your soul is to deny part of you. I am praying right now that Jesus the god of universe will draw you to him by his holy spirit because without that you will never know him. He loves you Sylvia.

  3. No one knows if a god exists or not. No one has gone to heaven and returned to tell us all about it. Anyone who thinks they do is not in touch with reality. That Jamie lets Lurie spout nonsense like this unfortunately casts doubt on most of the good and accurate things Jamie says.

    1. I know not any god exists or she must have fallen asleep for the past seventy years since she never contacted me.

      Or she exists and doesn’t give a shit. Looking at what she is supposed to have created that does make sense achter all…..

      1. I agree, and so does George Carlin who one can find on Youtube discussing how God sends some people to Hell to suffer for eternity……but he loves us! Bt he always needs more money. He is all knowing and all powerful, but somehow he just isn’t good with money. He (or she) always needs more money.

    2. David Wish I could remember book I read by heart surgeon who was atheist and witnessed people dying on operating table and having an experience of going to heaven but ending up coming back to earth. It wasn’t that persons time yet to die. After seeing this happen to a number of people he became a christian himself. There are many more testimonies of people in car accidents etc. who died for short time but came back to life and encountered heaven or sometimes hell and it changed their lives.

  4. All these comments end at the same place…”there is no God, and I hate him.”

    Thanks for Barak Lurie’s comments. Of course, he’s right.

    1. Yeah right, Lurie gave full evidence his god excists, how could I overlook it. And all the other gods are false, Lucky him…..

      I don’t believe in your god or any other one so I don’t hate them, I hate the batshit crazy believers for being so utterly stupid.

  5. Separation of *Ideology* and State is vital!

    When religion is in bed with the State we get a deadly totalitarian Theocratic State, like Saudi Arabia.

    But what so many Atheists don’t like to admit is that when the State is in bed with an *Atheist* regime we get the exact same result: a deadly totalitarian State.

    Because even though the Atheist regimes outlaw the Christian God, there is NEVER “no God” ~ because for Atheists the State becomes their ruling omnipotent Deity!

    And the Atheist State-God is endlessly hungry for the spilling of human blood. As evidenced by history.

  6. I ordered Jihad Psychopath on July 29 and was told by Amazon they would not be sending out book till Dec. l9 which is 5 months after I ordered it. they said it would take that long to start to send out book. Has anyone else received it ?

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