Glazov Moment: The Memo and the Left’s “National Security” Lie

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In this new edition of the Jamie Glazov Moment, Jamie focuses on The Memo and the Left’s “National Security” Lie, exposing the Left’s bizarre and contradictory protests about Nunes’ memo.

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And make sure to watch Jamie discuss the Most Pathetic Moment in Peterson vs. Newman Debate, where he unveils a pitiful leftist who has no idea what her own ideology is — or the cancer it spawns.

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4 thoughts on “Glazov Moment: The Memo and the Left’s “National Security” Lie”

  1. I can’t wait to see hussein go to prison. Everything he did to America in the 8 miserable years he controlled and deliberately. hurt the American citizens. It was nothing less than treason and sedition. I don’t believe he was legitimately elected either time. We learned in the 2016 election that soros and clinton pulled every underhanded trick they could get away with, and stole multiple states from Donald Trump; six or more from what I have found. Still they lost. And they are still so angry. They better get ready to lose again because Pres Trump will be in his office for 8 years, and we will drain the swamp!

    1. i think I am in a totally different world than most people are. Trump win does not mean we have secured a future with only conservative government. American lefties who hate America outnumber us in all categories of population. They are fighting and succeeding to bring in immigrants who mostly will vote for another Obama or Hillary.

      I am not seeing a (in fact just the opposite) swamp draining. I am not confident at all that we can put Hillary or Obama in jail where they belong. We are dealing with a majority of Americans brainwashed in schools and colleges that believe greatest thing is big government that cares of everything, like traitor Obama.

      1. Agreed. Unless it becomes a popular demand or a new law that requires opposing viewpoints to be presented in the media/entertainment – the soros group of values are the ones people are brainwashed with. Even more concerning is that the soros curriculum is invading k-12 schools. There is a reason that many governments have an OPPOSITION party. Monopoly of cultural communication by these NGO’s should not be allowed. Handling soros will bring people back to calm & reason. Just complaining on this channel is not enough.

  2. i am so surprised that no one is commenting on Nancy Pelozis
    salary and retirement pkg of $ 803,700.00 per year and on top of that more perks like free medical, she is 73 years old now.
    No wonder that people who get $ 1000.00 dollars from the work place is just crumbs!
    We should stand up and complain about this draining on the tax payers that have to foot the bill.
    check it out on the internet and see what all these people in gov. make, it is a disgrace !!!!

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