Glazov Gang: Sharia Survivor Schools Islam-Apologist

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On this new edition of The Glazov Gang, we feature Anni Cyrus in the act of Schooling an Islam-Apologist. The scene occurred on Valentine’s Day, Feb 14, at the Henry Monsky Lodge of B’nai B’rith in Omaha, Nebraska, where Anni was giving a talk about Sharia — and how she survived it. At the end of the talk, a leftist by the name of “Steve” attacked Anni with the main charades of Jihad-Denial and accused her of preaching “hate”.

Then Anni wiped the floor with him.

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And make sure to watch Anni reveal The Solution to Stop Islam, where she unveils a powerful and humanistic plan:

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6 thoughts on “Glazov Gang: Sharia Survivor Schools Islam-Apologist”

  1. That was painful to watch. Willful ignorance and normalcy bias combined with the “most Muslims” or “all the Muslims I know” fallacies. She could have read the War verses verbatim and he’d still be making excuses. It never takes a majority of any group to implement a significant change.

  2. Steve is an idiot!! Anyone who can hear your story, then accuse you of professing hate, hasn’t been listening. He’s dredging up the same progressive tropes that the apologists all bleat out every time they’re making their alleged argument for Sharia!!! Amazing the brainwashing.

  3. I have discovered that the christian principles are so ingrained in the west, that what is told cannot be grasped. . Like water on a lotus leave. It just rolls off! The audience of the west, grown up in freedom, in relative wealth, no enemies who want to subjegate you for what ever reason, land, cattle, house, are not able to conceptualize and fathom the depth of the message by Anny Cyrus. They have NO idea how deep christian principles determine their lives/decissions. Then in desperate efforts holding on to christian believes and western reasoning try to wiggle their brain into rejecting the outrages facts presented. Only a few are able to shake loose and understand the message. It’s a sad fact.

  4. Gad, what a trite little cretin that man is. Because he knows some “good” Moslems (which no responsible observer denies exists), he thinks he has some insight into the ideology of Islam. But the moron has never even heard of “Reliance of the Traveler”. Sheesh.

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