Change Your Profile Pic to Support Iranian Freedom!

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URGENT: Please everyone make this pic your profile pic on Facebook, Twitter, etc…. to support the fight for freedom in Iran by courageous Iranian men and women and boys and girls.

Our establishment media is ignoring them and their battle — because the Left is siding with the Islamic Republic and its vicious totalitarian monsters.

Let’s show the world that we care and that the Iranian freedom fighters and martyrs are in our hearts. Thank you so much!

— Artwork by Andre Carrilho in support of Iranian women.

2 thoughts on “Change Your Profile Pic to Support Iranian Freedom!”

  1. The problem is it’s neither thematic (like the Tricouleur ???????? was after Charlie Hebdo) nor inherently recognizable as a symbol of Iran. Changing my profile pic to this unintelligible, unrecognizable image would be worse than useless… My wife would think I had a girlfriend with long, black hair…

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