Glazov Moment: Iran’s Martyrs and the Left’s Malicious Silence

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In this new Jamie Glazov Moment, Jamie focuses on Iran’s Martyrs and the Left’s Malicious Silence, and he asks: Who will care for the butchered boys and girls in the jails and streets of the Islamic Republic?

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7 thoughts on “Glazov Moment: Iran’s Martyrs and the Left’s Malicious Silence”

  1. Mr. Robinson has greatly elevated his figures to make the U.S. sound like an awful place by comparison with Iran. First, the figure of 760,00 teenagers raped is fantasy. Total rapes including all women (not just teenagers) is reported as under 500,000 per year (still dismaying but no where near what Robinson claims). Rapes per 100,000 people has been steadily dropping for decades in the US. Second, of the roughly 1000 people who may die due to police action, a huge majority die as a result of their involvement in violent crime, not protesting at a rally. Because of the first amendment to the Constitution, we -unlike Iran-have freedom of speech in this country without penalty, but the left is now engaged in trying to make sure that is changed. Iranians have been suppressed by Islamic law for decades ; its citizens are not happy with Islam as an ideology and government religion. Too bad that so many people in our country have decided that Islam is a religion of peace and think that we should allow Muslims to do whatever they wish for “religious ” reasons, even if it means killing the unbelievers or those who bad mouth it. Sad.

    1. “2 million girls a year are genitally mutilated. 700,000 … Women aged 15-44 are more at risk from rape and domestic violence ”
      And guess what – the worst of this is is Islamic countries like Iran, Pakistan etc

  2. Mr Robinson

    You offer nothing but “tu quoque” arguments – a well known logical fallacy – even if they were accurate – which they aren’t.

    (You don’t seem to realise the basic fact that only a tiny minority of rapes result in pregnancy for example)

    The fact is that when the Iranian revolution happened many of the kind and generous people that you talk of were driven from their homes by violent mobs – I know one or two of them personally – and they have NO time for the religion or the government of their country.

    You look to me very much like WS Gilbert’s “idiot who praises with enthusiastic tone – every century but this and every country but his own.”

    1. “,that is your opinion, which would mean that most American males are sterile……………”

      No – just that intercourse only results in pregnancy about one time in 10 assuming both parties are healthy and fertile – a simple scientific fact of which you are unaware.

      “I was there in Teheran, extremely quite and peaceful…… the CNN that first reported that there were extreme violent clashed in the capital……….they were lying”
      Or that you are lying or that you were just not in the right part of Teheran.

  3. Jamie, Your video of IRAN’S MARTYRS AND THE LEFT’S MALICIOUS SILENCE was absolutely moving and powerful.
    When we are constantly bombarded by the Evil Left and their viscous Lies & Silence its comforting to know people like you and Anni are fighting for Truth & Honor. I will make a donation to help keep you fighting for Freedom.
    Blessings to you both.
    I will NOT drink their cup of Poison
    I will NOT stand down
    I will NOT let them suffer in silence
    I will NOT let them suffer alone
    “Silence in the face of evil is itself evil: God will not hold us guiltless. Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act.”

  4. We are with the women of IRAN. We are watching. We will support you. Let the women of Iran tell us how we can assist them to BE FREE FROM THE EVIL MULLAHOCRACY.

    The MULLAHS ARE KLEPTOMANIAC MONSTERS robbing the national wealth and hoarding it.

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