Glazov Gang: Freedom-From-Hijab Movement in Iran

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This new Glazov Gang episode features our very own Anni Cyrus, the producer of this show and the founder of

Anni focuses on Freedom-From-Hijab Movement in Iran, shedding light on the Islamic Republic’s vicious persecution of Iranian women and girls who are fighting for freedom — and the Left’s willful blindness.

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And make sure to watch Jamie discuss Iran’s Martyrs and the Left’s Malicious Silence, where he asks: Who will care for the butchered boys and girls in the jails and streets of the Islamic Republic?

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7 thoughts on “Glazov Gang: Freedom-From-Hijab Movement in Iran”

  1. The Western world needs to refuse to acknowledge Islam as a legitimate religion. Islam is a political entity (similar to a theocracy) operating like a death cult under the guise of religion so it can overthrow other political structures. Those who believe in freedom will agree to ban Islam because it doesn’t function as a religion. The Western world should strip Islam of it’s religious status and recognize it for what it is-an outside political force that wants to control every aspect of your life.

    Every Muslim practices Jihad no thanks to its serial killer founder, Mohammad, who stole stories to create Islam just so he could conduct heinous crimes and claim self absolution. ‘Jihadist’ is a misleading term because every Muslim is a Jihadist. They practice Jihad through political, physical, psychological, spiritual and economic warfare. Islam turns people into brainwashed criminals in a cult like fashion through rigorous abuse that creates psychosis.

    In the U.S.A., 1 out of 4 Muslims commit terror attacks (not counting the thwarted attacks) even though they represent less than one percent of the population. Islam should of never been granted religious nonprofit status because it operates as a diabolical political force meant to overthrow every country it becomes a part of.

    1. Full of lies? Perhaps what yo are believing is a full lie. Before the take over by Arab Muslims, Iran was known as Little America. If it were not for the actions taken by our US president Jimmy Carter, Iran would still be a developing western culture. Terrorist organizations would not be training in Iran. At one time our US Troops worked training Iranian soldiers as ally. The leftist in America have one goal as Jamie stated. To destroy this nation. It’s to hard for them to create a New World Order with American values standing in its way. Thank God for that!

  2. It must be heartbreaking and extremely depressing for Muslim women who are seeking the freedoms for women in their own countries (which our women fought for and achieved more than a century ago), when they see our own women prepared to give up those freedoms and encourage the wearing of the hijab in the west.
    Also I have often regarded the wearing of black for women in the heat of the Middle East just another means of ensuring that women are not tempted to set foot outside the house when the men are out drinking coffee and having fun, while the men wear white which protects from the worst of the heat

  3. Jamie, So you get to go to work everyday and Talk with Anni, the coolest person walking the planet Earth !!! ( & cutest too )
    DUDE,Your one LUCKY MAN !!!
    That’s better then a 401K !

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