Glazov Moment: Questions Never Asked About Islam and the Left

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In this new Jamie Glazov Moment, Jamie focuses on Questions Never Asked About Islam and the Left, stressing that The Glazov Gang asks and answers them. And he asks: Will you help us?

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And make sure to watch Jamie discuss Wendy Mesley’s Pathetic Jordan Peterson Interview, where he unveils how the CBC’s leftist foot soldier embarrasses herself while trying to bait the author of 12 Rules for Life.

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One thought on “Glazov Moment: Questions Never Asked About Islam and the Left”

  1. Last weekend, in the company of a group of Iranian emigres, I attend a program of Sufi music and dance. One woman particularly impressed me (moreover, she was very attractive, just sayin’, but don’t tell my wife). She was of Turkic extraction, spoke five languages (grrrr) and arrived in the USA, when she was about 30, from Iran. From a more or less secular family, but nominally Moslem, she experienced nothing akin to the strict Islamic upbringing that Anni Cyrus did, and didn’t believe it was representative of the Iran she experienced.

    But I come to discuss culture, not women. Now the program Niyaz presented was a modern adaptation of traditional Sufi forms. I cannot say the music did much for me (to me it sounded like all middle, with nothing in terms of development) but the dance was at a very high level. I had never seen a whirling dervish in person, and it was impassioned, expressive, and technically impressive.

    The program presented a message of peace and love- without any sense of a heaven or hell and, according to the director, was an intrinsic part of Sufism. Now Dr. Bill Warner, who I gather took an interest in Sufism when he was young, might disagree with that characterization of the sect, but I am confident that the director earnestly believed her words and took them to heart.

    Finally, my grandmother related how, when she was a little girl, the Methodist pastor in Weenonah, NJ, had, when a dance troupe came to town, that “the dancing devils would leave Weenonah!

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