Glazov Gang: SPLC’s War on Ex-FBI Agent John Guandolo

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This new edition of The Glazov Gang features John Guandolo, a former FBI agent, combat veteran Marine, and now the president of Understanding the Threat.

John exposed The SPLC’s War on Truth-Tellers about the Threat, shedding a disturbing light on how the hate group is trying to silence him, his group and all freedom-fighters.

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And make sure to watch John discuss FBI Leaders Aiding and Abetting Terrorists, where he reveals how the FBI praised a Jihadi Imam for teaching peace — when he is clearly doing the opposite.

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5 thoughts on “Glazov Gang: SPLC’s War on Ex-FBI Agent John Guandolo”

  1. I wonder if Jamie realizes that John Guandolo runs a shadowy organization that elides the most sophisticated information gathering sources available today outside, perhaps the likes of NSA, M5. This sounds like a highly clandestine organization to me- how do they manage this feat given the sophisticated tools available to tech giants like google and Facebook? Permit me to explain.

    When I attempted to go to , I found myself presented with this highly suspicious description presented by the world’s best known search engine:

    No information is available for this page.
    Learn why

    Whoa, this sounds like the stuff of John LaCarre. My curiosity piqued, I wanted to know why, so I clicked the link “Learn why”. To my utter amazement, I learned the following about why even google, with all the resources it possesses, couldn’t obtain information about UTT:

    No page information in search results
    Why is the description missing in Google Search?
    If you see a result with “No information is available” in Google Search:

    Search result with missing snippet: No information is available for this page

    It means that Google could not access the page in order to create a useful description to show in Search results.

    This Guandolo fellow certainly learned the techniques of subterfuge and camouflage well during is years with the FBI- he can even hide from google!

    Listen, you may not want to draw attention to yourself when researching After all, NSA, FBI, CIA, your local police and Facebook could be watching you.

    My advice: use Just don’ t never tell nobody I referred you to ‘em!

  2. “This sounds like a highly clandestine organization to me”

    So what ? Even what you say is true, a clandestine organisation can work for good purpose …

    “This Guandolo fellow certainly learned the techniques of subterfuge and camouflage”

    Again: so what ? If it’s with good intentions …

    As emmanuel didier whrote: ridiculous reasoning, absurd conclusions

  3. And everything you write does not question what is said in the video, obviously, you just want to discredit John Guandolo with a totally fallacious reasoning.

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