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Glazov Gang: Inside the World of Muslim Rape Gangs

Gavin Boby unveils the terrifying world of Islamic rape gangs in the U.K. -- and the shameless cover-up.

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In this new edition of The Glazov Gang,  we are running our special 3-part series with Gavin Boby of the Law and Freedom Foundation. Gavin takes us Inside the Horrifying World of Muslim Rape Gangs, unveiling the Islamic theology that inspires them – and the shameless British cover-up that keeps the gangs and their Islamic motivation hidden from public view.

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Part I: Gavin shares his battle against “Muslim Rape Gangs in the U.K.”

Part II:  Gavin takes us “Inside the World of Muslim Rape Gangs”.

Part III: Gavin discusses his group’s new book about the Islamic child rape gangs: Peter McLoughlin’s “Easy Meat: Inside Britain’s Grooming Gang Scandal.”

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4 Responses

  1. Our academic institutions are allowing Muslim students to bring their servants (slaves) to our countries. Their “servants”, do all the work and take the tests. The Arab World gives millions to our universities, to silence them. We are allowing thousands of them to bring their child brides to our countries. They are continuing to marry children, here in our countries. FMG and honoring killings are much more prevalent than we know. Within their closed societies we can not know how prevalent these atrocities are.

  2. Sorry, Jamie, you are still not in touch with Muslims. It is not just the girls, many Muslim men also keep a boy, to sexually abuse. You need to get your eyes open to these freaky perverts, they see nothing wrong with doing it with children, boys or animals. I know an Iranian whose father was the banker for the Shaw and his grandfather was the Mayor of Tehran, he kept my older sister as his concubine for almost forty years. My parents hired one at their restaurant, he put them out of business. We are Kefirs, when is that going to sink into your little Russian head? There are no good Muslims, just as their are no good poisonous snakes. They can not help it when they turn on you, it is just their nature.

    1. Mary Kay Scott your rudeness and critque of Jamie is completely. He has taken the difficult of keeping open and managing important source of info for counter jihadist. If English is your native language you must take a remedial course to deal with spelling error of Shaw and Kefir. The correct spelling is Shah and Kafir.
      It is bad enough when those of us in this movement are met with derision and hostility from mslms and uneducated infidels, there is no reason to insult anyone in your claim of intellectual superiority. From your comments I can sumise you are very new to this. Stop the hostility and your holier than thou attitude.

  3. Mary Kay, i think that U and i can agree that *islam* is a vile criminal cult. it masquerades as a religion, however, and many people who seek the divine are muslim. granted, this is mostly because they were born muslim, since the conversion rate of non-muslims to islam is fairly low (they have a very high birth rate, which accounts for the growth of the cult), but nonetheless, there are many muslims who seek god through islam because they are ignorant of its poisonous scriptures.

    this is not uncommon among non-muslims. i have many catholic friends who trust their parish priest to teach them about God, and never crack the bible themselves. as a born-again christian, i cannot understand this, but unless my friends bring it up (which they mostly do not), i don’t wish to confront them about it. in any case, allah is a stupid god who only understands prayers in arabic (not really; he’s just a bigot who thinks arabs of the quraysh tribe are the best humans), and gives credit to any muslim who completely memorizes the quran and can recite it (such is called a hafiz) – even though the majority of hafizes (sp?) don’t speak or read a word of arabic. most of the world’s muslims do not speak arabic, so like my catholic friends who depend on the priest, most muslims depend upon their imam or ayatollah to teach them about their religion. if the imam doesn’t tell them about the nastier parts of the cult, they remain unaware of them. this holds even when there are translations of the quran and sahih ahadith available, again because allah’s love of arabic strongly suppresses the desire of muslims to read islamic scripture in their own languages. after all, if allah hates one’s language and loves to hear arabic, one either learns arabic or just trusts the imam. since most adults learn foreign languages with much greater difficulty than do children, most just listen to the imam; only the most dedicated will learn arabic. thus, it is quite easy to find muslims online who appear to be religious, yet defend this depraved cult. one can rest assured that such folks are either pious muslims practicing taqiyyah or (more likely) typical muslims who are ignorant of their own religion.

    of course, since the cult teaches that evil is good and that good is evil, it is perfectly understandable that individual muslims will give in to their baser instincts, which they are taught from birth are good. that in turn leads to the depraved behavior of which your family has been the unfortunate victims. and since every muslim male can own up to 4 wives, there are not enough women to go around for those with less money for paying for one or more wives. if those muslims want a sexual outlet, they either find a child to molest (boy or girl, as U noted), or find a kuffar woman to rape, whom muslims believe are just whores asking for it, anyway.

    due to the vile nature of islam, the evil suffuses every aspect of muslim culture. because the male muslim owns his wife and children, he is free to “punish” them any way he chooses, up to and including death, if the “crime” is egregious enough. a male may kill – *without* *penalty* – his wife, his children, his children’s spouses, and his grandchildren if any one of them should violate sharia and refuse to repent. and if he kills a family member, either by mistake or with malevolent intent, all he has to do is claim that they violated sharia and wouldn’t repent. since there is no penalty for that, and the family member is safely dead, a killer can easily escape justice. ali sina of faithfreedom dot org notes that love among family members gets more rare the more pious the men are. and i thought that my family was dysfunctional!

    since islam is essentially a gangsta cult, there is limited cooperation among gang members. information is power, so muslims use access to information as a tool of power. i read an article, which i subsequently lost and have since been unable to locate, by a man who spent many years working for u.s. military equipment manufacturers; he mostly trained the men of the armies of middle eastern muslim nations, and he noted that he encountered much more rivalry among their troops than among those of other nations. one officer whose men he trained kept the maintenance manuals and would not distribute them to his subordinates, who would actually be doing the repair and maintenance. the author noted that such information hoarding was common, if not as detrimental to the organization, and usually led to very poor equipment maintenance. it was a way for the officers to control their troops, implemented in spite of the likely damage to the national defense of the country. as a result, the author said that american equipment had a generally bad reputation among middle eastern military men.

    the low level of cooperation among muslims, and the ownership of family by the male, explains a lot about “honor” killings. it leads to diplomacy being viewed as weakness, and confrontation being respected as “strength.” if a man’s family violates sharia and he does nothing, he is seen as weak by other muslims. weakness is attacked in muslim culture, as it is in any gang, so the male must restore his “honor” to protect his standing with the gang. if he kills the family member, it shows that he is strong, and that others should not trifle with him.

    muslims populate a spectrum of knowledge of their religion, belief in its teachings, and behavior according to its commands. as noted above, many muslims don’t know their religion, and actually do believe that it is peaceful; they don’t realize that pervert muhammed would have had them killed for being “hypocrites,” what he and his companions called people who don’t follow all of islam’s commands. like believers in any religion, knowledge of islam’s commands does not mean that a muslim will always follow them. also, many muslims have been exposed to non-muslim culture, and are pretty much MINOs; they live in and accept the culture into which they were born, but don’t bother doing anything to practice the religion. one should treat each muslim as an individual , and base his treatment on his behavior. in order to protect the lives and property of all the citizens of a republic, it is wise for the republic to allow even vile beliefs to be promoted in the public square. the u.s. allows kluxers, nazis, and communists, all of whom hold vile beliefs, to organize, speak, and publish freely, watching them with law enforcement with enough attention to notice should the members begin to plan to carry out attacks, but otherwise leaving them alone. it is the responsibility of the rest of us to call out the lies and bulls**t spread by these twisted creatures in order to keep the danger their beliefs present at bay, but it is *NOBODY’s* responsibility to force them to shut up and disband. if that is allowed, we will get the brownshirt behavior we see coming from the left, who mask themselves and riot to shut down speech they despise, “de-platform” those who disagree with them, and illegally use the power of the State to suppress the views of those with whom they disagree. free people don’t treat their opponents like criminals for speaking their minds; just because some uneducated people on the left do so does not mean that everybody else should act that way as well.

    that said, we should also *NOT* be importing millions of the believers of the pirate cult of islam into the republic. when the USSR was actively seeking world domination, the u.s. government wisely attempted to keep out those who proclaimed their belief in communism. the u.s. is a nation, not a free-for-all, and furthermore, it is a republic governed by law, with *all* its citizens expected to obey all laws, and *every* citizen expecting to have a voice in the making of those laws. rule by law is imperative; otherwise, we have rule by fiat, which, so far as i am aware, has in every case devolved into a dictatorship. this means that if the citizens have laws passed to limit entry into the nation, then these laws must be repected as much as any other law. if all laws are not enforced equally, rule by law is taken less seriously, with the attendant devolution into tyranny. of course, all of this should be obvious to any free person, but very few americans learn this any longer. it is not taught in schools, and even the former head of the u.s. executive branch, mr. obama, who is an expert in the u.s. constitution (in the same sense that mr. glazov and friends are experts in islam), can violate laws without compunction. the only people who really understand freedom and rule by law are those who come here *LEGALLY* and are required by the process of receiving citizenship to learn those concepts. thank U for our lack of knowledge, u.s. educators (leftists one and all).

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"United in Hate: The Left's Romance With Tyranny and Terror."


"United in Hate: The Left's Romance With Tyranny and Terror."