Glazov Moment: Raped After Trying To Discredit Islamophobes

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In this new Jamie Glazov Moment, Jamie discusses Raped After Trying To Discredit Islamophobes, reflecting on when meeting two Muslim migrants at night to help build leftist utopia goes wrong. 

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And make sure to watch Daniel Greenfield discuss Avoiding Rape is White Privilege, where he analyzes how, after being anally raped, leftist “anti-racist” activist Karsten Nordal Hauken mourned his Somalian rapist being deported. [See Breitbart’s coverage of this story HERE.]

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8 thoughts on “Glazov Moment: Raped After Trying To Discredit Islamophobes”

  1. Hiya just watched very interesting video of what the muslims really think it’s on the YouTube channel wake up slave called Muhammadans by wakeupslave /underDsurface /yeshooaa truthhunt @underDsurface it’s got obuma helped muslims get enough plutonium to make ten nuckler boombs etc Elizabeth treduoe the American politician heap’s more creepy creepy Islam stuff

  2. Jamie, they rape children women, men, the elderly. It is so revolting, I could vomit. These stupid so-called leaders in Canada, England, Sweden, Germany are putting their own citizens on the sacrificial altar. These heads of countries should be put in prison for treason against their own. What the very stupid leftists don’t get is they are and will become victims of the horrific violence and dangerous extremism they champion! It has happened throughout time, and it will happen again! Fascism always ends in death!

  3. I used to think the phrase ‘leftism is a mental disorder’ went to far, now I’m convinced it doesn’t go far enough.

  4. A woman meets two muslims on a night out, they want her to go back to their room, what did she think they want to do, play pokemon?

    It seems her mother didn’t teach her cock sense.

  5. If one continually buys into this “diversity” movement, believing every garbage “culture” is superior to his own, he is finally brought to the point of profound hate and self-disrespect. This is unhealthy whether from the perspective of the rape victim or the perpetrator. This is a very, very sick cult. It is not “religion”, it is not “culture”. It is a militant, aggressive, supremacist cult ideology fixated on veneration of a hideous and violent abuser, Mohammed, and worship of an evil entity they pretend is God.

  6. If we didn’t care about the violence and moral violation, somebody ought to care a lot about STDs. Sooner or later we will have an horrific outcome.
    Self-hate might find a better outlet than being a professional rape victim.
    When we encourage others to behave immorally we do not do anything for that perpetrator. If you saw a kid torturing a cat would you think he was benefited from you letting him continue? Or would you be doing him a favor by introducing an adverse consequence for an evil act?

  7. If one person is into S and M and enjoys being raped, or feels fulfilled that he/she has been a victim at last, it would be better for them to hang out their shingles as prostitutes who will basically do anything and not say rape is ok. If you say rape is ok, then you are victimizing the next person who might well not agree that rape is the right of an immigrant. For if Hauken or this woman are ok with rape and enable it, then some innocent person down the road will be the next victim. If you like it and you want it just say what you are – a prostitute who enjoys abuse. Don’t put this on others.

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