Glazov Moment: Chelsea Handler Compares Gaza to Auschwitz

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In this new Jamie Glazov Moment, Jamie focuses on Chelsea Handler Compares Gaza to Auschwitz, unveiling the deranged and twisted world of leftist hate.

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And make sure to watch Jamie discuss Raped After Trying To Discredit Islamophobes, where he reflects on when meeting two Muslim migrants at night to help build leftist utopia goes wrong:

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2 thoughts on “Glazov Moment: Chelsea Handler Compares Gaza to Auschwitz”

  1. Who’s Chelsea Handler, isn’t this the throwback who had a saucey weekend banging 50cent, then bragging how gorgeous she is…….Haha well mirrors must tell lies after all….. ????

  2. The harm that these people do by affirming such horrors, such stupidities, is unacceptable and reprehensible. Congratulations Jamie.

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