Glazov Gang: Geert Wilders on The High Price of Telling the Truth About Islam

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This new edition of The Glazov Gang features Geert Wilders, the leader of the Party for Freedom.

Mr.  Wilders discusses The High Price of Telling the Truth About Islam, unveiling how Sharia is now ruthlessly ruling the West.

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And make sure to watch, below: [1] Jamie’s full interview with Geert Wilders from which the above clip is taken — and also [2] Jamie’s introduction of Mr. Wilders at David Horowitz Freedom Center’s 20th Anniversary Restoration Weekend.

[1] Full interview with Geert Wilders:

[2] Jamie’s introduction of Geert Wilders at David Horowitz Freedom Center’s 20th Anniversary Restoration Weekend:

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10 thoughts on “Glazov Gang: Geert Wilders on The High Price of Telling the Truth About Islam”

  1. Hats off to Jamie & Geert, two favorite, courageous, truth-telling, heroic, freedom-fighters…

  2. We can never be reminded often enough just how important the DHFC and their great proponents (Horowitz himself, Jamie Glazov and others) are in this battle for our Conservative voices to be heard LOUD & CLEAR across the land!

  3. Bottom line: there is no alternative version of the Koran that excludes the many passages that promote killing and hatred toward Jews and Christians. Most people don’t seem to get this. Either you believe the original version with all of its hatred or you aren’t a Muslim. There are no imams that I have heard of that have renounced those unacceptable passages, of which there are many. How can one be a “good” Muslim in the eyes of non Muslims? In my opinion there are no such “good” Muslims. They may be accepted into Western culture but they can never fully assimilate into that culture (in my opinion) because of the hatred teachings of Mohammed, which they believe (even if they don’t carry them out). As has been pointed out, the Muslims don’t embrace the 10 commandments in their religious texts although Moses is acknowledged in Muslim writings as a “Muslim”. How telling is that with regard to how the Muslim religion views social norms expressed on the stone tablet that Moses received from God that are taken for granted by Christians and Jews?

      1. The bible doesn’t ‘promote’ violence. The violence you speak of is historical and in the Old Testament. The Koran openly obliges Muslims to wage eternal war against the Infidels and Kaffirs. Isalm is based on hatred for the unbelievers or ‘Kaffirs’, the most insulting word possible to be applied to humans, and is associated with filth and vermin.

  4. Mr. Wilders is on the money when he states ‘…there is only Islam…’ This idea of moderate or extremist Islam is truly a lie there really is only Islam, it’s a totalitarian system and it’s incompatible with our western systems of freedom.

  5. Google Muslims reveal the truth about Islam
    grab a spew bucket and watch( Warning graphic slaughter houses in Syria )they say (Allah accept this sacrifice) before shooting or cutting heads off ???? they get the Cannibal disease ???? their imams brainwashed them into thinking the coming of their antichrist is the coming of Christ ???? heap’s more creepy crawlie stuff ???? another short video Obama Zakat it’s a tax obuma wanted to make it easier for muslims to fund terrorists

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