Glazov Gang: Candace Owens – Should Black People Have Voted for Hillary?

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This new edition of The Glazov Gang features Candace Owens, Communications Director for Turning Point USA.

Candace discusses Should Black People Have Voted for Hillary? and shares her thoughts on: Was Bill Clinton really the first black president?

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And make sure to watch the whole episode (from which the above clip is taken) where Candace unveils The Dems’ Plantation for American Blacks and The Vicious Racism and Tyranny of the American Left:

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6 thoughts on “Glazov Gang: Candace Owens – Should Black People Have Voted for Hillary?”

  1. Jamie, another WINNAH!! I’ve been sort of following Candice Owen, but your interview has inspired me to find her on YouTube and watch some of those episodes! She is definitely “inspired,” and “our side” is damn lucky to have her as an incredibly gifted & effective spokesperson!!

    Cheers! And thanks again!!

  2. The problem with the democrats is: their hateful behavior and dirty language is all that they have. You know: those who call the loudest have the most on their staff. It reminds me of the words of Apostle Paul in Romans 1: 28-32 ; 2: 1,2.

  3. I put this enlightenment down too Trump, Trump has given people the ability to think for themselves.

  4. Candace Owens is a beautifully clear-thinking, articulate young lady. It’s a shame that some on the right seem to reject her as cynically as do those on the left.

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