Dinesh D’Souza: The Democratic Party’s Non-Existent Apology for its Racism

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This new edition of The Glazov Gang features Dinesh D’Souza, a #1 New York Times bestselling author and author of The Big Lie: Exposing the Nazi Roots of the American Left.

Dinesh focused on The Democratic Party’s Non-Existent Apology for its Racism, revealing how being Left means never having to say your sorry.

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And make sure to watch the whole episode (from which the above clip is taken) in which Dinesh discusses The Big Lie About Charlottesville, where he unveils the true roots of white nationalism in America:

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2 thoughts on “Dinesh D’Souza: The Democratic Party’s Non-Existent Apology for its Racism”

  1. Dear Jamie,
    I am a persecuted Hindu from India.I am writing you because you have highlighted the unholy alliance between Muslims and Marxists.I wrote to their chairman but failed to reply me because they are morally corrupt,murderers and rapists.
    Please read the letter I wrote to their Supremo who is a notorious politicians trying to kill Mr.Narendra Modi,our beloved PM,India.
    Dr Das
    The General Secretary,
    Sri Sudhakar Reddy,
    CPI Office,
    New Delhi.
    Email: cpiofindia@gmail.com

    Communist Party of India (Marxist)
    Central Committee,
    A.K. Gopalan Bhawan,
    27-29, Bhai Vir Singh Marg,
    New Delhi 110 001
    Tel. (91-11) 23344918, 23363692, 23747435/36
    fax: (91-11) 23747483
    email: cc@cpim.org

    Dear Sir,
    I am a Hindu from West Bengal. I have gathered courage to write to you just to know your beat of conscience. I don’t know whether you will send your goons to kill me in Kolkata as you had burnt alive the (i).Ananda Margi Sanyasis and Sanyasinis on Hemanta Setu in the 1970s.[NB:They were Hindu religious monks who were burnt alive with the Muslim hooligans in broad day light. No FIR was accepted by the police in Ballygunge Police station and nothing happened to the perpetrators of the heinous crime even today].
    I am from Burdwan (ancestral house).I have not forgotten the (ii). Sai Bari Hatya Kanda.[NB:Only for political vendetta,CPM goons killed their opponents ,almost 11 persons aged 30 to 70 years were hacked to death. Many Muslim criminals were also hired for this blood bath. After that the deceased person’s blood mixed with rice was forced into the mouth of the dead person’s mother].
    (iii).In early 1970, former Chief Minister Late Jyoti Basu(your most beloved leader) and your comrades made a genocide on the Bangladeshi Hindu refugees in Dankaranya and Sundarban by capsizing the boats carrying all frightened and fleeing Hindus from Bangladesh as slaughtered by murderous Muslim rapists and goons. That was known as Marich Jhapi Massacre. [NB: The Communist Givernremtn in China ethnically cleansed indigenous Tibetans from their homeland Tibet and established Han clans. You cleansed the Hindus and settled Muslims from Bangladesh].No inquiry or investigation was done because you were with the central Government and helping them in the process of ‘Breaking India’ Programme.
    I am writing to you just to know your answers. Hope to receive your kind reply sir. I have read books and articles of Romilla Thapar, EMS Namboodripad (notorious Leftists).I have treated Nagbhusanam Pattanaik when he was admitted in AIIMS in 1983.I have read your Marxist-Maoist literature and also Hindu scriptures, Bible and Koran.
    I never thought Ma Durga is such a fallen woman as per your brigade of muscle-men, portrayed in JNU and Jadhavpur University.I know the dirty tricks you played in Kerala, Tripura and West Bengal to secure power and position.
    You are just attacking Hindus and you all are hell bent upon destroying India at the earliest by extending endless support to Muslims and Christians.
    1. Sir, if India (Bharat) is destroyed and fragmented where will you go? In a Muslim country there is no seat for any Communists!!Sri Promod Dasgupta, Sri Jyoti Basu [NB: They were CPM Supremos!!!] all had to flee from today’s Bangladesh.
    2. Why you dare to attack Hindus, its culture and its religion only?
    3. Why you don’t see the evil things in other religions? Are you afraid of others and are you bold against Hindus only?
    4. Sir your masters in the West [Christians] and Middle East [Muslims] are not using you as slaves to work against your own brothers and sisters in your own country? Are not they laughing at you? For petty gain and personal greed, have you not fallen prey to their games and unwittingly ensnared yourself in their net?
    5. Sir when you have so much hatred against Hindus, why still you use your Hindu name? What does prevent you to change your name? Is it not a trick to befool naïve people?
    6. Sir, you all are my brothers, sisters and my own country men and women, have you not ever read the Ramayana, the Mahabharata,Bible,Koran etc? Only bad things, holy cow, curry and caste system –you have noticed in our old heritage and magnificent civilization?? I know you all are English speaking from
    JNU/JU/DU and you are well versed in many subjects [ like Ravana who was well versed in all four Vedas but did the wrong thing(Of course, I remember in your eyes he was a good person—rather Sita seduced him as your goon KK/AB/Omar Khalid had depicted Mahisasur as gentle man lured by Ma Durga!!!).
    7. Stalin, Mao, Polpot—all were criminal minded and killed so many (millions) opponents as you all did the same thing in WB, Tripura and Kerala. If the present Govt. also applies the same rule of eliminating you people as you did during your regimen, how do you welcome that idea?
    8.Sir,I have many questions but I know that you will not reply me because you don’t have righteousness in your niche and you all shy off my points, so I don’t want to waste my valuable time in writing and asking your reply.
    If you kindly reply me, I shall be grateful to you.
    With kindest regards,
    Yours sincerely,
    Your loving brother (don’t take me as your sore enemy please.)

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