Glazov Gang: How Aisha Ignited the Shia-Sunni Divide

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On this new edition of The Glazov Gang, we were joined by Armin Navabi, an ex-Muslim who is the founder of Atheist Republic.

Armin discussed How Aisha Ignited the Shia-Sunni Divide, unveiling what really sparked the endless Islamic Civil War.

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And make sure to watch Armin focus on the Terror of Islamic Hell, where he shares how he attempted suicide at the age of 12 because of his dreadful fear of it:

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10 thoughts on “Glazov Gang: How Aisha Ignited the Shia-Sunni Divide”

    1. because with the little time we have we will always bother. much truth can be gotten across within even a minute.

  1. Why did you keep cutting the speaker off? He was so interesting. Why don’t you allow more time for him to speak? You are making your own video – who is curtailing you to only a few minutes? You generally rush your speakers and cut them off, but in this video, it was particularly bad. Shame on you. Give your guests time to answer your questions. This man was very interesting and had a lot of knowledge. Too bad we weren’t allowed to hear him out.

    1. Aside from your bizarre assumption that studio filming time and program editing just grow on trees and that we all have so much cash that we don’t even know what to do with it……feel free to work out a special donation to us and we will have an entire long segment with him just for you.

      1. This is a terrible and insulting response to someone who essentially told you that your video and guest were so interesting that they should have been longer.
        I stand by what I said. I have been watching your videos for a long time and you regularly ask your guests questions only to cut their answers short. If you are going to have a guest and ask him/her questions, you should have the courtesy to both guest and viewer to allow time for an answer.
        Lastly, I am surprised that you so easily take offense to criticism that, in essence, supports what you do. I am a conservative, not criticizing the content of your video, but the brevity of it. I follow many conservative sites like yours. I’m not rich, but I donate where I can, particularly to Act for America. Further I support conservatives by buying their books, including yours. Your response to me was childish and uncalled for.

        1. Eileen: “you regularly ask your guests questions only to cut their answers short.”

          I had never paid attention to that … But now that you say it, it’s true that I find Jamie very authoritarian too, a little communist, don’t u think?

          HA HA HA!

          Jamie do you hear that?

          You’re mean to your guests!


  2. Here are two constructive ideas.
    1-Ask fewer questions which would allow time for more complete answers.
    2-Provide your guests the questions before they are interviewed with a time limit for each answer. That way, your guest can consolidate what he wants to say and get right to the heart of it. In that way, he won’t sound cut off and he will have made his point.

  3. Jamie should also offer champagne and caviar to the guests, and maybe also whores.

    And invitations for the next Eminem concerts.

  4. If Linda Sarsour has truly converted as she claims, how can she justify her claim to be an advocate of women’s’ rights? To be a true convert, would she not have to adhere to the guidance of the Koran and Sharia Law? When she converted, did she have her external sexual parts scrapped off with a spoon to solidify her conversion as is done to young Muslim girls.?

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