Glazov Gang: Can a Devout Jew Be a Leftist?

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This new edition of The Glazov Gang features Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Fellow at the Freedom Center and editor of The Point at

Daniel discussed Can a Devout Jew Be a Leftist?, shedding light on whether Jewish faith and identity are compatible with the Political Faith.

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And make sure to watch Tommy Robinson discuss “If They Murdered Me,” where he exposes how the UK authorities deliberately put him in harm’s way.

[As we all know, Tommy has recently been thrown into UK jail in a horrifyingly totalitarian manner. Help him by visiting his website,, and by also going to Rebel Media, which has nobly taken up his cause.]

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4 thoughts on “Glazov Gang: Can a Devout Jew Be a Leftist?”

  1. I love Daniel’s explanation for heaven and hell being the closeness or absence of it to God. And also how liberalism is the worship of man rather than God and trying to replace God with government. Excellent comparison.

  2. The main defining criteria for what “work” is not permitted on the Sabbath is the 39 highly defined categories of creative acts that were necessary to do in the work that was done to make the Tabernacle in the desert–which is a microcosm of G-d creating the Creation and since G-d rested on the 7th day–so do we rest–and these categories define “work” or “creative acts” done by G-d in the Creation–which He stopped on Sabbath and those we did in making the Tabernacle according to His instructions. so these are what we rest from too.
    Jamie–I am a PTSD expert working with terror victims and based in the Old City of Jerusalem. I would like to interview with you and mainly ask you to expose and confront the crimes of the leftist run Israeli Social Welfare system –which has divested 1000′ of divorced fathers from their minors and abused the rights of the minors and continues to do so. This is well documented but even the press, politicians and judges are afraid to confront and reform it. Very similar to Tommy Robinson case but here it is Jews destroying the Jewish family kids and fathers in the Jewish state and the numbers are staggering. Please get in touch with me or provide me how to contact you.

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