Glazov Moment: Asia Bibi and #MeToo’s Callous Betrayal

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In this new Jamie Glazov Moment, Jamie focuses on Asia Bibi and #MeToo’s Callous Betrayal, and as he unveils how Islam is viciously targeting a Christian woman’s life, he asks: Where are the feminists?

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One thought on “Glazov Moment: Asia Bibi and #MeToo’s Callous Betrayal”

  1. The Left & so called Feminist are completely hypocrite slugs, all you pretty face fake hollowwood loudmouth beauties are horrid skanks underneath your mask. Left news are slaves to Soros. All of your lives are frauds…your meaningless, worthless and empty . Sleep well my pretties, you shall reap what you sow. The View should be called The Shrew.
    Mr T said is best. I Pity the Fools..
    you can write to Asis Bibi directly at this link :

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