Glazov Moment: Amazon Supports Female Genital Mutilation?

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In this new Jamie Glazov Moment, Jamie focuses on Amazon Supports Female Genital Mutilation?, unveiling how America’s electronic commerce company is descending into the moral sewer.

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And make sure to watch Jamie discuss The Murder of Former Miss Baghdad, where he reveals the real reason Sharia detests women:

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3 thoughts on “Glazov Moment: Amazon Supports Female Genital Mutilation?”

  1. It would be good to give the address, mail-address and phone number of Amazone to facilitate reactions and oerhaps launch a petition

  2. if U go to, there is a link at the bottom of the page (“Represent a charitable organization? Visit”) which explains how to get a charity set up to receive funds. so long as the charity is listed by GuideStar ( and a free registration is made, any charity can sign up.

    i searched for “muslim research and development foundation,” but came up empty; its database search is apparently pretty weak, since it matched 2399 organizations, and on page 57 of the returns, where it should have appeared between “Muslim Development Foundation Inc” and “Muslim Womens Institute for Research and Development,” there was nothing. it does not appear that MRDF uses the word “The” at the beginning of its name, because on page 85 of the returns, “The M.R.D.F.” would appear between “The Morris L Lichtenstein Jr Medical Research Foundation” and “The Nalp Foundation for Law Career Research and Education,” but it does not.

    OTOH, it is quite possible that GuideStar is run by nazis, as are so many organizations and businesses these days, and in order to provide cover for an association raising money for pious islamic terrorists, they deliberately wrote their backend to preclude its name being returned at all. if so, i’m *positive* that it’s all a – a positively *dreadful* mistake, one that GuideStar will fix *immediately* – *NOT*.

    10 years ago, i would have been flabbergasted to think that i would *ever* think the way that i do now about the left or islam; i would have called people like me crazy conspiracy theorists and dismissed everything that i say now. 10 years ago, i was still in the dark imposed by my leftist education, and was oblivious to islam, the most effective weapon currently wielded by the hard-core left. i have been a conservative for decades, but i have only learned to doubt *ALL* sources of information until i confirm them for myself for about 5 or 6 years. i *used* to assume that legacy news sources were trustworthy until proven otherwise; well, they have proven otherwise again and again and again, so i now assume that they are *LIARS* until proven otherwise. unknown sources must remain suspect until their information has been researched. *i* am now the reporter, and those providing information are all either proven or potential liars.

    thanks to the left for a grand old blood-soaked time; i’m *so* looking forward to the coming “interesting” times … not.

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