Glazov Moment: Female Genital Mutilators Flown Into UK

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In this new Jamie Glazov Moment, Jamie focuses on Female Genital Mutilators Flown Into UK,  and he asks: Where is #MeToo? Where are all the leftist feminists?

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And make sure to watch Elizabeth Yore, the Founder of EndFGMToday.comdiscuss End FGM Today, where she reveals how 513,000 girls and women are at risk in the U.S. alone:

Part of The Glazov Gang’s effort to try to save Muslim girls from FGM also includes Jamie’s video: Islamic Female Genital Mutilation and Denial, where Jamie unveils the monstrosity that lies behind the “others do it too” mantra:

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2 thoughts on “Glazov Moment: Female Genital Mutilators Flown Into UK”

  1. Female genital mutilation has been illegal in Britain for decades, BUT the authorities have never managed to bring a successful prosecution, mainly because they have never tried very hard.

    If practitioners of FGM are being allowed into Britain, the British authorities are plainly condoning FGM.

  2. Criticizing Islam and its vile practices isn’t good for anybody’s health, and that’s why very few people have the gonads to do so. Yeah, the threat of terror is very effective in keeping our mouths shut about the Religion of Peace. We all just go along with the BS and pretend that Islam and Muslims are so wonderful, and we can’t possibly do without them.

    We Western people have become such cowardly curs that our future will be a sharia-compliant, Islamic one!

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