Glazov Gang: Newton’s Anti-Semitism Problem

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This new edition of The Glazov Gang features Dr. Charles Jacobs,
President of Americans for Peace and Tolerance, and Ilya Feoktistov, Executive Director of Americans for Peace and Tolerance.

Charles and Ilya focus on Newton’s Anti-Semitism Problem, and they answer the question: Why exactly are American children being given a Saudi education about the Middle East?

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[1] Saudi Curriculum in American High Schools,
[2] Confronting Islamic Indoctrination in American High Schools,  [3]
Leftist Rabbis Endanger Jewish Community,
[4] Racist Arabs’ Black Slaves in Sudan and Mauritania
[5] Farrakhan’s Shameful Stance on Slavery.

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[1] Saudi Curriculum in American High Schools:

[2]  Confronting Islamic Indoctrination in American High Schools:

 [3]  Leftist Rabbis Endanger Jewish Community:

[4] Racist Arabs’ Black Slaves in Sudan and Mauritania:

[5] Farrakhan’s Shameful Stance on Slavery:

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2 thoughts on “Glazov Gang: Newton’s Anti-Semitism Problem”

  1. I didn’t listen to all the videos in their entirety, but the secular progressive Jews, i.e. JINOs (Jews in Name Only) which make up approximately 70% of the Jewish population in the U.S., are committing cultural suicide by aligning themselves with the stealth jihadists.

    Furthermore, Bethany Blankley has written about the connection between Qatar, Libya and Saudi Arabia which created and funded Common Core. See:

    People in the U.S. need to open their eyes . The Muslim Brotherhood and their suit-wearing jihadi front groups such as CAIR are the enemy, not our friends.

  2. God Jamie,
    The liberal left secular humanist affluent educated Jewish tikkun olam (redeeming the world) Jews have been in Newton, MA since the beginning of time. Even when I was a liberal atheist in the 1960’s somehow I had the sense to avoid that community. It would have been the most natural thing for me to gravitate in that direction. I had my Master’s from Harvard, and had friends that had secured good paying teaching jobs there, but instead I picked up a job teaching in Swampscott, MA, a more normal upper middle class and middle class community, not so intent on being the intellectual vanguard of a hypothetical revolution. Yes Newton, the essence of the bourgeois lifestyle yet totally anti-bourgeois ideologically—just love those homosexuals, just love the agenda of minirities. They must be right. They are always right. Thanks be to God I didn’t become a comfortable Newtonite.

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