Audio: Robert Spencer and Jamie Glazov Discuss Islamic Supremacist Mindset

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Robert Spencer and Jamie Glazov appeared on Friday, November 30, on the Southern Sense podcast hosted by Annie Ubelis. Jamie was on the segment before Robert, and stayed on to chat with Robert about the Islamic supremacist mindset as displayed by Muslim debater Mohammed Hijab in his recent debate with David Wood, and his praise of Christian apologist James White. The two spoke about Robert’s new book, The History of Jihad From Muhammad to ISIS, and about Jamie’s forthcoming book Jihadist Psychopath, and a host of related matters. Jamie’s segment starts at the 57:30 minute mark and Robert comes in after the segment with Jamie alone. Don’t miss it!

One thought on “Audio: Robert Spencer and Jamie Glazov Discuss Islamic Supremacist Mindset”

  1. Really enjoyed listening to this. It helped with quite a few concepts that I had been grappling with in my mind in recent times. Especially the way that Islamist tend to point the finger in the other direction to justify their means. Like pointing the finger at pedophile priests and the catholic church saying that its a Christianity thing to deflect their own behaviours. We denounce these priests actions and it doesn’t make what they doin Islam in any way right or ever, less wrong. Very typical tactics. Not too mention half truths or quotes out of context like ” Islam is to respect the law of the land…”.
    Yeah.. until.. finish the sentence, .” while you are the minority , and then” and so on..
    I also liked the part about cooking the spaghetti better. When I watched Anni’s video” one million” as it is now, I remember the part where she said that she stopped and thought’ Hold on…this is not right”. I remember those thoughts growing up in an abusive household. That takes enlightenment to see that. Bless Anni! But I know the side of ” If only I do better…” as well. Its so true.
    The Rabi that was on first had some good insights too , for me particularly on the difference between turning the other cheek and defending oneself. I think this is a part of our thinking that Islam takes advantage of. Good point on the Descriptive and Prescriptive that you brought up as well. Very valuable to know and understand as I see that defence to Islam being used a lot too. Thank you Jamie and I certainly am looking forward to reading your book. Bless you all !

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