BREAKING NEWS: Anni Cyrus Reads “Jihadist Psychopath”

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[Jamie Glazov will be speaking at Beverly Hills Hotel on Feb. 6 about his new book: Jihadist Psychopath: How He Is Charming, Seducing, and Devouring Us. Register HERE. Order the book HERE.]

The Photo Contest of our time, Diehard Readers of “Jihadist Psychopath” Contest, is heating up into an On-The-Edge-Of-Your-Seat Thriller, leaving many fans in awe and spellbinding suspense.

Now a new contribution (on the Left) by our very own Anni Cyrus,  has sent reverberating shock waves through the panel of judges and has exhilarated audiences worldwide. [Learn why we call her our One Million Superwoman HERE.]

The whole album can be seen here. And picture contributions can be made directly on Jamie’s Facebook Page or emailed to him at:

A selection of some of the most AMAZING, RIVETING AND FRIGHTENING contributions are posted below.


Make sure to see the whole album here and contribute your own photo on Jamie’s Facebook Page or to:

And make sure to check out Jamie’s recent appearance on America’s Voice with Kyle Olson & Tudor Dixon to discuss Jihadist Psychopath.

Watch Jamie’s 2-Part appearance on America’s Voice below:

Watch Part I: HERE.

And: Part II: HERE.

Also check out Jamie Glazov on Mike Huckabee Show Discussing Jihadist Psychopath: HERE.

It’s all becoming very obvious why Twitter Has Warned Jamie Glazov That His New Book Violates Pakistan’s Blasphemy Law.


5 thoughts on “BREAKING NEWS: Anni Cyrus Reads “Jihadist Psychopath””

  1. Ok. I have to say this is pretty funny stuff. All those folks reading your new book, Jamie , has convinced me that I will purchase a copy in 2019! Oops, I better hurry, 2019 is already here. Happy New Year!!!

  2. You deserve success dear Jamie. Praying for Divine protection
    for you brother from maniacs of all stripes, pray blessings and an extra portion of even more strength for you. For Anni too!

    Got to get a copy! I bought ‘United in Hate’ years ago, and still a favourite!
    By the way , I love that psalm 23 ( my favourite which I recite daily) in a cross shape behind Anni in that first picture.

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