Glazov Gang: When “Islamophobes” Free Muslim Slaves

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This new edition of The Glazov Gang features Dr. Charles Jacobs,
President of Americans for Peace and Tolerance.

Dr. Jacobs sheds light on When “Islamophobes” Free Muslim Slaves, and also on the curious phenomenon of “racists” freeing black slaves.

Don’t miss it!

Also make sure to watch Dr. Jacobs and Ilya Feoktistov, Executive Director of Americans for Peace and Tolerance, focus on Newton’s Anti-Semitism Problem, where they tackle the question: Why exactly are American children being given a Saudi education about the Middle East? (The clip above is taken from this entire episode below).

And tune in to our 5-Part Series with Dr. Charles Jacobs where he covers:

[1] Saudi Curriculum in American High Schools,
[2] Confronting Islamic Indoctrination in American High Schools, [3]
Leftist Rabbis Endanger Jewish Community,
[4] Racist Arabs’ Black Slaves in Sudan and Mauritania
[5] Farrakhan’s Shameful Stance on Slavery.

See all 5 episodes below!

[1] Saudi Curriculum in American High Schools:

[2] Confronting Islamic Indoctrination in American High Schools:

[3] Leftist Rabbis Endanger Jewish Community:

[4] Racist Arabs’ Black Slaves in Sudan and Mauritania:

[5] Farrakhan’s Shameful Stance on Slavery:

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2 thoughts on “Glazov Gang: When “Islamophobes” Free Muslim Slaves”

  1. What an uplifting photo of Dr. Jacobs with a group of smiling black Africans. There is no more telling evidence of what he has done and how he is seen by this group assembled for a photo. The left would probably say that is another example of “white privilege” but is in fact an example of what one person having great concern for adverse human conditions has been able to accomplish. Having worked in Mayan communities in Guatemala for 25 years, I am most impressed by what Dr. Jacobs has done in what must be very dangerous conditions. God bless him!!

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