Howse Moment: Violence & Hatred Against Conservatives Growing

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This new Glazov Gang edition features the Brannon Howse Moment with Brannon Howse, the producer of the movie, “Sabotage.” [Visit]

Brannon focuses on Violence & Hatred Against Conservatives Growing and reveals The Ideology that Fertilizes the Rage.

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And make sure to watch Brannon unveil The Marxist Revolution in the USA, taking us Inside the Left’s Vicious War on America:

Also tune in to Brannon discussing his movie, his new book Marxianity, and How Islamists, Marxists & their religious “useful idiots” are destroying America from within:

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3 thoughts on “Howse Moment: Violence & Hatred Against Conservatives Growing”

  1. Wow Jamie I just sent letter a few days ago to an evangelical TV show in Canada where they were more or less negative to Trumps border wall and saying these poor victoms at border should be able to come in. illegals -they didn’t say that word. And that they were having national religious meetings to promote having good relations. which all sounds nice and good but NOT as by not knowing what is really going on with globalist marxist socialist agenda that uses tool of mass migration to take over countries and the goal of muslim brotherhood being used as tool to take over western working for our own demise. I have received no reply from them which makes me think that they didn’t like what I said. Not sure. I just got your book and can’t wait to read it. I’m worried about an evangelical television news show leading christians astray. But they if like this movie maker is sharing they were being mislead with lack of knowlege by higher ups in evangelical church. They need to be told. I had that happen to me years ago when I went to an evangelical church where a young minister said the lutherans next door didn’t have their faith right to point where you would think they weren’t even christians. Well I got to know one of those lutherans and she was a beautiful christians lady. I believe the Lord said the first will be last and the last will be first so that the heart for the lord and simple faith in him is what counts.Some pasters will not make it to heaven and someone you wouldn’t think will make it. Your great Jamie!

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