Glazov Moment: Jihadist Psychopath’s “We Love Jesus” Charade

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In this new Jamie Glazov Moment, Jamie unveils The Jihadist Psychopath’s “We Love Jesus” Charade, revealing the psychopath’s “we are a lot alike” deception.

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And make sure to tune into Jamie’s recent appearance on America’s Voice with Amanda Head & Kyle Olson, where he discusses his new book Jihadist Psychopath and What ‘Allahu Akbar’ Really Means” and Why The Establishment Media Doesn’t Want You To Know It.

Watch the Video: CLICK HERE.

Also make sure to watch the recent episode of America Can We Talk?, where host Debbie Georgatos talks to Jamie about Jihadist Psychopath, how Islamic Supremacists are charming, seducing and devouring us — and how President Trump offers tremendous hope that the tide can be turned:

To learn more about Jamie’s unveiling of the Jihadist Psychopath’s plantation — and how we can escape from it, CLICK HERE.

2 thoughts on “Glazov Moment: Jihadist Psychopath’s “We Love Jesus” Charade”

  1. Jamie: A local high ranking Democrat in our community who goes to a Christian church wrote an op ed in the local newspaper in which he called those Christians “bigots” who didn’t believe that Christians and Muslims worshiped the same god. I tried to explain to him that there was another viewpoint on that, at which point he became angry and refused to listen further. He was too ignorant to know that Muslims in no way believe that the Christian god and the Muslim god are the same and that they would vehemently deny any such similarity. The jihad psychopaths have done a good job of making many people believe that we are all alike in our beliefs; it’s all just a little misunderstanding created by Islamaphobes that keeps us apart. See how a Muslim reacts if you refer to your Christian god as Allah, which is a name, I understand, that was first used by Christians before Mohammed was born. I think you will find that they will not be happy with your usage of the name.

  2. Alike? Hahahahahah! Muslims don’t even know who Jesus IS, let alone respect him. There are absolutely no teachings of Jesus in Qur’an, and Muslims aren’t smart enough to ask WHY. If they knew WHO Jesus is they would no longer be Muslim.

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