Video: Jamie Glazov Speaks at Wednesday Morning Club

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Below is the video of Jamie’s  recent talk at the Freedom Center’s Wednesday Morning Club about his new book, Jihadist Psychopath. Don’t miss it!

[To learn more about Jamie’s unveiling of the Jihadist Psychopath’s plantation — and how we can escape from it, CLICK HERE.]

And make sure to watch Jamie’s recent appearance on America’s Voice with Amanda Head & Kyle Olson, where he discusses his new book Jihadist Psychopath and What ‘Allahu Akbar’ Really Means” and Why The Establishment Media Doesn’t Want You To Know It.

Watch the Video: CLICK HERE.

Also tune into the recent episode of America Can We Talk?, where host Debbie Georgatos talks to Jamie about Jihadist Psychopath, how Islamic Supremacists are charming, seducing and devouring us — and how President Trump offers tremendous hope that the tide can be turned:

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3 thoughts on “Video: Jamie Glazov Speaks at Wednesday Morning Club”

  1. Thank you Jamie for that great conference !
    As usual you are right on regarding the left that going along with those islamists that support the infame totalitarian islam !
    I would like to know, on the next conference, what a simple citizen could do to help stop the islamisation of our great society that islam is trying to take back about a thousand years ? There are some moves that every logic and caring humans could do to prevent islam from ruining our great civilisation, please tell us who are the best one to get rid of the so negative pseudo-religion ? Thank you in advance ! IVANHOË III

  2. Excellent talk Jamie. You exposed the evil where it stands. I have just sent all my friends.
    Thank you for showing us the dangers that are around us.

  3. Excellent – and, of course, the things we absolutely MUST know to protect ourselves, our communities, our country and oiur Western civilization! Thank you for the detailed analysis – and even the ingredients we need to fight this battle!!

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