Glazov Moment: Ocasio-Cortez Compares Trump’s Wall to Berlin Wall

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In this new Jamie Glazov Moment, Jamie discusses Ocasio-Cortez Compares Trump’s Wall to Berlin Wall, unveiling where imbecility and the Left’s heart of darkness meet.

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8 thoughts on “Glazov Moment: Ocasio-Cortez Compares Trump’s Wall to Berlin Wall”

  1. ​She is completely messed up and illiterate. I can’t stop thinking of the damage she is making to America if not the whole world. Spies in this land of the free? World of spies was behind the Iron Curtain, behind the wall, and still is in communism. This women has no idea that socialism/communism is based on spying in order to eliminate those who opposing the regime. It’s a necessary factor of the ideology.

  2. Dear Brother Jaime,
    Perplexed we are, just like you. She is a useful idiot. Completely turned over to evil deception.

  3. This is an all time classic line: Where imbecility and the Left’s heart of darkness meet.

    That truth can be seen everywhere everyday now, as our Left does its damnedest to revive the USSR in America.

    1. Where imbecility and the Left’s heart of darkness meet.

      Is that felicitous phrase original with you? If so, you have a gift for the bon mot. Shamelessly, I intend to steal it without attribution!

  4. Ocasio-Cortez reminds me of a teenager that has believed a lie. She has the spirit of deception and she is giving her own opinions with out any fact finding evidence. She is definitely attention seeking like so many others that do the same thing . It’s hard to believe that she is in the house of representatives. I believe that she has a personality disorder. That said

    Great book Jamie, every one should buy one

  5. Jamie’s pained, tongue-in-cheek description of AOC was spot on, but didn’t fully examine the colossal stupidity of this woman, who embodies The Future of the Democrat Party (the USA?).

    It seems not to have occurred to this ignoramus that there might be a fundamental distinction to be made between a wall intended to keep people from moving into the USA illegally, and a wall intended to keep people in, and enslaved.

    Her utter stupidity is mind boggling.

    I don’t know that it remains true today, particularly given the invasion of Europe from the Moslem world, but for some years it was observed that about two thirds of (legal only?) immigration worldwide was the result of immigration into the USA.

    I do not believe this republic can long stand with leadership coming from the likes of AOC. The voting franchise needs, in some appropriate manner, to be restricted. I don’t know how to do it- frankly, I’m not sure it’s that important exactly how it’s done- but allowing people to vote simply because they have a body temperature of about 98.6 F is a prescription for disaster.

  6. “Where imbecility and the Left’s heart of darkness meet.” A perfect compliment to Malcomb Muggerridge’s statement, “…having educated ourselves into imbecility…”

  7. She compares the Berlin Wall to the border wall and makes a completely false equation. Then she complains of being “spied” on in Washington DC; apparently she just doesn’t like being recognised (despite going out of her way to grab attention).

    She is (or pretends to be) totally unaware that those who risked their lives to scale the Berlin Wall, or the Warsaw Pact’s other imprisoning border fences, were subject, every hour of every day, to genuine spying, far more intrusive and with much greater consequences: the sort of conditions which compelled people to risk their lives to escape.

    Should I give her the benefit of the doubt? I don’t see why. Nicolás Maduro seems to be equally stupid. The difference is that he has an army and, right now, she doesn’t. Furthermore, she sides instinctively with jihadi women, but has no sympathy for the people of Cuba.

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