Glazov Moment: Sarsour Attacks “White Feminist” Pelosi

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In this new Jamie Glazov Moment, Jamie focuses on Sarsour Attacks “White Feminist” Pelosi, and he asks:  Would Pelosi become a “woman of color” if she donned the Hijab?

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And make sure to watch John Guandolo discuss Ilhan Omar’s Sharia Hate and Deception, where he asks: Is it really shocking that a Muslim Congresswoman adheres to Sharia and hates Jews?

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2 thoughts on “Glazov Moment: Sarsour Attacks “White Feminist” Pelosi”

  1. We wonder if these people did not come straight out of an insane asylum.

    And about the “non-apology” of this Ilhan Omar … as Daniel Greenfield has very well explained, they are not real.

    Moreover, she could not help but talk about her as a victim in her apology, that she too was the victim of anti-Islamist prejudices.

    That is to say that she insulted the Jews and Israel, but she still manages to be a victim in her pseudo apology …

    And so, if she herself has been a victim of prejudices, it means that she did not learn anything from what she would have experienced …

    These people have absolutely no scruples, they advance masked and from time to time even the idiot of the village arrives to see behind the mask … Their hatred spreads so much it is limpid and large, even hidden behind a screen.

    And this hatred has been placed by the Democratic Party for malicious purposes, electioneering …

    The end justifying the means, everything is allowed.

    F… off.

    1. I’m talking about Rep. Omar the b…h in this commentary, not about Sarsour the rotten snake.

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