Glazov Gang: The Hijab’s Real Meaning: A 10-Part Series

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In light of the West’s accelerating surrender to Sharia, which includes the disallowance of truth-telling about the Hijab (i.e. Fox News’ suspension of Judge Jeanine) and non-Muslims’ donning of the Hijab (i.e. New Zealand’s Prime Minister), The Glazov Gang has deemed it urgent to bring attention to the true meaning of the Hijab. It is a meaning that, due to the Unholy Alliance’s control over the boundaries of our discourse, will never be mentioned in our establishment media and higher culture.

Below, make sure to watch our 10-Part Series on The Hijab’s Real Meaning!

Part 1: In Defense of Judge Jeanine.

Part 2: Sinead O’Connor No Longer White After Islamic Conversion!

Part 3: Trying on Hijab and Liberation!

Part 4: Iranian Woman’s 20-Year Sentence for Protesting Hijab.

Part 5: Australian Broadcasting Corporation Celebrates Hijab.

Part 6: Freedom-From-Hijab Movement in Iran.

Part 7: Iran’s Martyrs and the Left’s Malicious Silence.

Part 8: Mattel’s Hijab-Wearing Enslaved Barbie.

Part 9: Lies About Hijab 101.

Part 10: What a Woman in Hijab is Really Saying to You.

2 thoughts on “Glazov Gang: The Hijab’s Real Meaning: A 10-Part Series”

  1. Dr. Glazov, I have researched and written a 57-page summary of Shariah law. With 98 endnotes and a bibliography, it is a total of 71 pages. My interest in writing it in 2018 was to educate others about the threat free people face from Islam and its Shariah law. I would like to offer it to you free of charge if you believe you can use it.

    1. Hello, very interesting and informative. I am very happy about the work. It helps to try to preserve our civilized world and liberties. Many thanks.

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