Glazov Moment: Omar Plays Victim After Insulting 9/11 Victims

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In this new Jamie Glazov Moment, Jamie discusses Omar Plays Victim After Insulting 9/11 Victims, and analyses how The Islamist cry-bully has come to town.

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4 thoughts on “Glazov Moment: Omar Plays Victim After Insulting 9/11 Victims”

  1. Hey, Ilhan. Words and actions have consequences. Choose them wisely, otherwise face the music and quit whining about our bullying you. You made that bed, now sleep in it. Oh, and you are NOT my representative in the 5th.

  2. It’s not an insult, it’s more than an insult.

    No deaths have been insulted, and many must laugh.

    It’s a will.

    A desire to transform facts. There is behind it and in it, worse than an insult.

    There is an attempt at revionism, and a form of negationism.

    In these words there is a form of obscurantism.

    There is a desire to make something disappear.

    It’s worse than an insult.

    The dead are very strong, it takes more to insult them.

    She insults the living who know exactly what happened.

    An attack of Islam against the West, and the dead are better protected than we are.

    Islam is a threat and you have to face it.

    ‘“To name things wrongly is to add to the misfortune of the world,”

    ― Albert Camus

  3. Jamie, thank you, for another insightful commentary;
    thank you, for your courageous truth-telling;
    thank you, for fighting the good fight.

    May I ask… doesn’t it seem, that the spirit of the anti-christ, has taken control of the Leftist-Lib-Dem-Islamist-unholy-alliance…?

    1. Thank you so much Mark for your support, we really appreciate it. And yes I agree with you in terms of what is propelling the Unholy Alliance. God bless, Jamie.

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