Glazov Moment: UK Police Escort Muslim Mob to Attack Tommy

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In this new Jamie Glazov Moment, Jamie discusses UK Police Escort Muslim Mob to Attack Tommy, and he sheds a disturbing and tragic light on When Britain died.

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And make sure to watch Tommy reveal “If They Murdered Me,” where he exposes how the UK authorities deliberately put him in harm’s way:

Also tune into our special 2-part-series with Tommy, from which the above clip is taken.

In Part I, Tommy discussed his new memoir and his continuing fight against the Islamization of his country. In Part II, he focused on Rotting in Solitary, sharing the excruciating ordeal he has endured in the UK prison system:

Part I: Defending the UK from Islamization.

Part II: Rotting in Solitary.

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7 thoughts on “Glazov Moment: UK Police Escort Muslim Mob to Attack Tommy”

  1. No 1 is i have been trying to explain to my family ,cousins ,daughter,son and nephews but they laugh at me and dont believe that muslims that believe in Sharia law are not going to intergrate they will just keep taking and bleed our system dry not to mention out breed us westeners by 10 to 1.I think we have a bad time coming if not civil wars breakout everywhere.Tje young 1s dont seem to care whats going on around them.

  2. Did Tommy Robinson win in the Elections? I have been trying to find out. But, still haven’t heard?

    1. Unfortunately not,He got nearly 40,000 votes no where near enough to be elected,but condsidering EVERY single MSN banned anything about his campaign except to make negative comments and downright lies about him, he was also attacked three times by left wing lunatics,but he says he will still carry on. he is a very brave and honest man,

  3. The UK prison system is a gross violator of human rights. They make prisons in Florida, Texas or Louisiana look like a model institution. Interesting that no one has filed formal complaints or lawsuits.

  4. In 2017 the police at Berkeley California stood by and watched without lifting a finger to protect persons or property while Antifa rampaged during a protest over speakers at UC Berkeley with whom they didn’t agree. See Penal Code Section 185 in the California Penal Code: it is a misdemeanor to cover your face with a mask in order to avoid identification when committing a crime. Have there been any arrests for violations of that section by police anywhere in California?

  5. This not new. Tommy’s original wake up call, like mine, was in Luton, when police there escorted Anjem Choudhary and his pals of the “muhajiroun” – arabic for immigrants – to a position where they could vilify, insult, swear and otherwise attack soldiers of the Royal Anglian Regiment marching through the town on their return from Afghanistan. I was a copper myself then (I’m now retired) in London, and I watched on TV as these lowlifes waved banners declaring “Freedom go to Hell”; “Behead those who insult islam”, and other welcoming slogans. As a serving copper I couldn’t understand why they were not made to take down those banners under Sect 5 of the Public Order Act (Words, behaviour, sign or display likely to cause alarm, harassment or distress), and arrested if they refused and/or continued with the same or similar behaviour.

    There is a large Muslim community in the North of England. Manchester, Oldham, Dewsbury, Birmingham etc. The police hierarchy are succumbing to political correctness and Stockholm Syndrome. The largest Muslim population is in London, and the Metropolitan Police are now apparently recruiting “Community Assessors” ( guess from which community!) to vet new applicants for the police, to make sure they have the “correct” attitude towards islam. I am sure there are still many good coppers out there, and I never thought I would be ashamed of the uniform I used to wear or the senior officers of the job I loved.

    Even the British Army has now produced a leaflet telling soldiers to look for “indicators” of Right Wing Extremism ….like declaring you are a patriot! Yes, that’s right, a PATRIOT. Wonder how much of an input the Muslim council of Great Britain had in this excercise in thought control!

    Winston Churchill: An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last!

  6. Where are the Christians in Great Britain? The descendants of Tyndale, Whitfield Spurgeon, Wesley? Is there no one with a voice left over there with moral courage besides Tommy Robbinson

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