Waters Moment: U.K.’s New PM Bows to Islam

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In this new Anne Marie Waters Moment, Anne Marie discusses: U.K.’s New PM Bows to Islam, unveiling Britain’s pathetic surrender ensues.

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And make sure to watch Anne Marie focus on Islam’s Cruel Animal Slaughter in the U.K., where she reveals the sadistic and brutal non-stun methods such as Halal:

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Part I: “Not All”.

Part II: “But the Bible…”

Part III: “Nothing to do with Islam.”

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One thought on “Waters Moment: U.K.’s New PM Bows to Islam”

  1. The American 2nd amendment is a small part of the origins and authority subscribed to the Duty to Keep and Bear Arms. King John, in the Magna Carta (Article 61), authorized the People to take up arms against him if he or his chancellors failed to properly redress the concerns or complaints of the People to their satisfaction. Not to his, but rather to those who had been wronged.
    The Barron’s at the time demanded this of the king in order that there be peace in the kingdom. There is an understanding here that seems to elude people. Tyrants, whether they be kings, sultans, legislators, or prime ministers will continue because the reality is that the vast majority will not change things. The people will just go along no matter how badly they are being oppressed, or in this case raped, murdered, and other crimes.
    God forbid that there is a bloody revolution, but there will come a time for it if the good People don’t come to the realization that they are being invaded and scheduled for termination in the Islamic quest for a Caliphate. One way or the other, to paraphrase your Mr. Churchill, you either do this when there is a chance for victory, or when there is no chance for victory. May I suggest that a letter writing campaign that shows the parliament that you know the law, and you demand that it be followed. Are there any in Britain who are willing to sit down and write a letter showing that they’ve had enough and see the invasion as violence against the British people and demand an end?

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