Glazov Gang: Fatal Flaw In Our Afghan Withdrawal Negotiations

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This new Glazov Gang episode features former Homeland Security Officer Philip Haney, the author of See Something, Say Nothing. Reach out to him on his Facebook Page.

Phil discusses The Fatal Flaw In Our Afghan Withdrawal Negotiations, unveiling how that flaw is a facet of the catastrophic national security meltdown.

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And make to sure to watch Phil reveal how Obama Facilitated the San Bernardino Jihadist Attack, where he shares how his DHS program would most likely have prevented the California massacre — if the Obama administration hadn’t shut it down.

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One thought on “Glazov Gang: Fatal Flaw In Our Afghan Withdrawal Negotiations”

  1. Jamie,
    Thanks for having Phil Haney on your program. His message is so important and must be disbursed to all who have been impacted by the Afghan war. Too many innocent Americans have died to have this all turn around again and have the country turn into a Muslim dictatorship, run by Alcaida. My youngest son spent over a year in Afghanistan as an NGO employee and was very negatively impacted by the experience of trying to help in turning around that country. Progress there has been snail-like. We have spent too much money and human resources to let the very disastrous scenario occur that Phil pointed out in his talk. I will look for his book on line.

    Wayne Adamson

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