Antoine Tucker: “Trump is a True Genius.”

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This new Glazov Gang edition features Antoine Tucker, an anti-globalist activist who is running for Congress in NY14 against Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Visit his site at and on Instagram and Twitter: @montaga.

Antoine unveils why Trump is a True Genius, explaining why the president is brilliant at using social media – and in fighting culture war.

Don’t miss it!

Also make sure to watch Antoine proclaim: ‘Sharpton, You’re a Snitch and a Con Man,’ where he exposes the truth behind the ‘Reverend” and ‘Civil Rights Leader’.

Antoine also reveals the true reason why the Left hates Trump, why and how it injures and enslaves the people it pretends it seeks to protect, why it is waging a war on humans’ souls — and much, much more.

It is the blockbuster interview from which the above clip is taken:

Also tune into Jermain Botsio, the founder of Conservative Nation, and Will Johnson, the founder and president of, discuss Henry Davis’ video, in which he proclaims: “I Ain’t Never Been a Mo–f–in Slave!” Jermain and Will reflect on how leftists are in panic mode as American blacks flee the Democratic plantation:

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