Revealed: Osama’s Post-9/11 Safe Haven in Iran

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In this new Glazov Gang episode, Jamie speaks with Clare M. Lopez, the Vice President for Research & Analysis at the Center for Security Policy.

Clare discusses how Osama Found Safe Haven in Iran Post 9-11 and unveils who knew the whole time.

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 And make sure to watch Clare discuss how 9/11 Came From Riyadh & Tehran, revealing the disturbing – and frightening – facts that you aren’t allowed to know:

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2 thoughts on “Revealed: Osama’s Post-9/11 Safe Haven in Iran”

  1. This kind of treachery makes the old phrase, “Are you missing Bush yet?” seem pretty silly. Half of the problems we have are due to Republicans trying to cover up the rotten deeds of other Republicans. No. I don’t miss Bush and never did. Obama was a disgrace in his own right, but that doesn’t make Bush ok. And his father was even worse and more evil than his son. Until we begin to examine the people who run under the Republican banner and vet them properly we will continue to have traitors. We screwed up in 2016 and will pay a very high price for that too. Until we are willing to offer a real opposition to socialism and fascism – in other words, a constitutional conservative candidate – we will be doomed to this kind of scamming. George Bush and Barack Obama should both be prosecuted for high crimes and misdemeanors and maybe this would serve as a shot across the bow to our current president.

  2. I find it incredible that this was kept from the U.S. public. I didn’t stay tuned on the interview to find out how long Bin Laden was actually in Iran, so maybe I am getting upset over nothing if in fact it was a fairly short time. But if he was there for years and the President knew it, then this was totally disgusting. It is interesting that we are kept in the dark about something like this but we have so many leaks of other more important information that endangers our country to even a greater extent.

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