Donald Trump Jr. Video: I’ve Seen the Bread Lines of Communism

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This new Glazov Gang episode features Donald Trump Jr., who shares: I’ve Seen the Bread Lines of Communism, unveiling how the evil ideas that spawned them have become the hallmark of the Democratic Party.

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And make sure to watch David Horowitz shed disturbing light on Obama’s Malicious Libel Against America, where he exposes the real facts about slavery and its abolition in America.

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5 thoughts on “Donald Trump Jr. Video: I’ve Seen the Bread Lines of Communism”

    1. I lived in communist Czechoslovakia for 33 years, defected in 1980. Donald Trump Jr. tells the TRUTH!!!
      33 years of socialism is quite enough for one human life.
      No more, not here!

      1. I totally agree. Communism/socialism is a disease that needs eradication. There are too many clueless leftists that should be sent to socialist hell-holes to open their eyes.

  1. I especially like his point that the left here in the USA has no one from one of these socialist ‘utopias’ vouching for the glories of these systems they want to foist on the nation.

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