Bongino Video: The Failed Takedown of President Trump

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This new Glazov Gang episode features Dan Bongino, who focuses on The Failed Takedown of President Trump and unveils the swamp’s vile – and pathetic — hoax.

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And make sure to watch Donald Trump Jr. share: I’ve Seen the Bread Lines of Communism, where he unveils how the evil ideas that spawned them have become the hallmark of the Democratic Party.

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2 thoughts on “Bongino Video: The Failed Takedown of President Trump”

  1. Bongino rocks…!
    Thank God for people like Dan, who are exposing the blatant immoral hypocrisy of the Leftist-Lib-Dems

  2. This video and story from Donald Trump Jr. should go viral, it is very good. His story is interesting regarding his mothers and grandmother’s experience, along with his visits.

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