Glazov Gang: Fighting Anti-Semitism on Canadian Campuses

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This new edition of The Glazov Gang features Lauren Isaacs, Toronto Director for Herut Canada.

Lauren discusses Fighting Anti-Semitism on Canadian Campuses, focusing on an especially horrendous case at York University in Toronto.

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2 thoughts on “Glazov Gang: Fighting Anti-Semitism on Canadian Campuses”

  1. A brave young woman who is holding an event which is hijacked by a certain awful anti-Semitic group, and Heirut gets blamed
    There is no common sense any more
    The world is upside down, and York U is one of the worst.
    I am disgusted with all the Jewish philanthropists who still donate there.
    A shandeh.

  2. Lauren Isaacs denies that she is brave, but she certainly is, and she is resolute and wonderfully articulate, too. The embracing by Anglophone academia of anti-Semitism is one of the most horrifying developments of my lifetime. The University of Michigan is actually timing an anti-Semitic conference to coincide with the seventy-fifth anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz.

    Lauren Isaacs is very careful, in her conversation with Jamie Glazov, to refer to “anti-Zionism,” rather than to anti-Semitism, but I believe that they were always the same thing and are now openly and incontrovertibly so.

    I can’t be present physically to support her, from three thousand miles away, but she has my moral support.

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