Glazov: 120 Members of Congress Support Hamas-Linked CAIR

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In this new Jamie Glazov Moment, Jamie discusses 120 Members of Congress Support Hamas-Linked CAIR, unveiling a nation’s suicide.

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4 thoughts on “Glazov: 120 Members of Congress Support Hamas-Linked CAIR”

  1. I appreciate your help by educating our nation about the true motivation and agenda of the global Islamist organization. They truly are evil and deceitful sycophants of their god, Azazel, the god of this world and enemy of our Lord Jesus the Christ.

    I have had opportunity over my 70 years to meet and get to know some of the more secular Muslims and after a few years have seen a very few repent of their dependency on this evil philosophy.

    You at the Glasov family are publicly defending Freedom by debunking the hypocrisy of Mohammadism, the worship of man.

    Again, I appreciate your efforts and support of our Constitution and communities.

    1. There is no question of the motivation of 80+,% of these dangerous people who have wanted and tried to control the world since the 5th century! Innocent people have always been their victims of prey. They have a culture that hates, rapes, tortures mutilates women and girls, they sell people, they have perverted horrific practices they believe in. President Trump knows this, but our congress full of a bunch of egotistical and arrogant morons doesnt seem to have the slighest concept of anything. Read Jamie’s book you idiots. Pres Trump will end their organizations being intermixed in our government, but congress full of radicals or idiots dumb as rocks!

  2. The stupidity, weakness, criminal compromise of the current congress is more than I can stand. I dont know what happened to them. They forgot their oaths to protect and do good for the people of the United States! At the rate of their uselessness, we no longer need them! They have done nothing to help our president with the miraculous things he has accomplished. I dont what they do! I dont know what they are there for. To take huge salaries, with huge benefits and make thrmselves rich at our expense? We are going to have to do background checks on organizations each of them belong to. We need to where they got their money, who they support and work with. We have so many radicals in our congress who do not believe in American values. Who try to legislate policies that are dangerous, ridiculous or just plain evil or perverted. There are alomost no good people in congress on either side. This has to end, someway, somehow! These idiots are undermining thenational security of America, and the president’s constitutional powers to protect America! We need all new congress people!

  3. President Trump will get rid of these organizations and there are more than cair, but the stupid, weak, useless congress never will!

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