Glazov Gang: When Ilhan Married Her Brother

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This new Glazov Gang episode features Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Fellow at the Freedom Center and editor of The Point at

Daniel discusses When Ilhan Married Her Brother, shedding a disturbing light on a peculiar — and unfolding — Sharia soap opera.

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One thought on “Glazov Gang: When Ilhan Married Her Brother”

  1. The most crucial point on the Ilhan Omer situation, and her GET-OUT is of course………….. Taqhiya.
    Most people are simply IGNORANT about the deception, double-standards, contradictions, and ‘get-out’ clauses in the Muslim ‘Holy Book’ which Muslims can and may use to even get away with murder, terrorism……The whole shebang!
    They have an excuse, via their Hadith or double-standards to cover every abomination that they subject the world to.
    Taqhiya is simply a licence for ANY MUSLIM to lie, plus, plus!
    Ostensibly Taqhiya allows this lying ‘in defence of, or the promotion of, or the furtherance of the domination of Islam throughout the world’.
    So! EVERYTHING that Omer does, lying, cheating, adultery…….simply anything and everything she has done, or is doing is justified by the fact that in essence she is ULTIMATELY, via her infiltration into the US body-politic JUSTIFIED, in the defence and /or promotion of her ‘faith’……..GET IT YET?
    You couldn’t make it up……..BUT Mohammed did!
    In other words within those deceptive pages…for every negative, there is a positive. And for every positive there is a negative. The whole set-up then is deception on the grandest scale.
    OK! You may ask……why marry her brother? Why, in the promotion and furtherance of Islam – because her brother by infiltrating into the USA and his potential to subvert, is the sole reason for the deception. Still don’t get it?
    Spending money which is not hers? No problem – she is spending it to cement her political aims in the USA………the world’s biggest concentration of Infidels. Get it?
    Once again, the good natured friendly Americans are making a whip for their own backs……..our and simple.
    You had better start realising that THEY will NEVER be satisfied until THEY have brought you to your knees. THAT’S IT FOLKS!

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