Top 10 Reasons Why Democratic Candidates Should Terrify You

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This new Glazov Gang episode features Anni Cyrus, the Founder of Live Up To Freedom and producer of The Glazov Gang.

Anni unveils the Top 10 Reasons Why Democratic Candidates Should Terrify You, revealing how The Unholy Alliance’s menacing threat is more lethal than ever.

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And make sure to watch our 3-Part Special with Anni where she discusses Terror, Sharia and Islam.

Part 1: Hijab Forced on Me at the Age of 9.

Part 2: Trump Takes Out Terrorists — and what all those terrorists had in common.

Part 3: Anni’s BLOCKBUSTER video, The Solution to Stop Islam, where she unveils a powerful and humanistic plan. The video has now surpassed 1.5 MILLION VIEWS!

This HUGE and STELLAR success for Anni represents a landmark watershed for The Glazov Gang.

Congratulations Anni! And thank you so much!

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