Katie Hopkins Video: French Jews in Paris Under Attack

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This new Glazov Gang episode features Katie Hopkins, U.K.’s freedom fighter.

Katie sheds disturbing light on French Jews in Paris Under Attack, unveiling how the police are telling the Jewish Parisians that they can no longer protect them.

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And make sure to watch Katie share: They Plotted to Behead Me, where she discusses: When a female Jihadi wants your head as a wedding present.

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2 thoughts on “Katie Hopkins Video: French Jews in Paris Under Attack”

  1. As a fan of yours I just watched the Katie Hopkins’ video on the FRENCH JEWS IN PARIS UNDER ATTACK on Youtube , left a comment and discovered I was shadowbanned (as I have been before on Youtube): I see it only when I’m signed in. Was that you banning me or Youtube? Please let me know, thanks.

  2. Why is everybody surprised? This is normal ISLAM jihad against the kaffirs, the non believers. Ever since MUHAMUD beheaded 800 jews in medina this became normal behaviour for moslems. Kill all non believers! And take their lands

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