Clare Lopez Video: The Muslim World League’s Interfaith Gambit

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This new Glazov Gang episode features Clare Lopez, founder of Lopez Liberty LLC.

Clare discusses: The Muslim World League’s Interfaith Gambit, analyzing the question: The Saudi Kingdom’s propaganda — or the turning over of a new leaf?

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2 thoughts on “Clare Lopez Video: The Muslim World League’s Interfaith Gambit”

  1. Until the Saudis renounce some of the core beliefs of their faith which are despicable and which view non-Muslims as second class citizens, I remain unconvinced of their seeming change in position. I wish I could find a few shining examples of some Muslims in government office in the U.S. who are truly dedicated to preserving the United States Constitution and treating all citizens equally. When that happens then I will believe that the Muslim world has changed its continuing objective to destroy all other faiths and treat women as pawns and lower class humans.

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