Anne-Marie Waters Video: Coronavirus and The Dire Threat of China

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This new edition of The Glazov Gang features Anne Marie Waters the leader of ‘For Britain’.

Anne-Marie Waters discusses Coronavirus and The Dire Threat of China, providing a harrowing look at who’s involved in the cover-up – and why.

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Subscribe to the Glazov Gang‘s YouTube Channel and follow us on Twitter: @JamieGlazov.

2 thoughts on “Anne-Marie Waters Video: Coronavirus and The Dire Threat of China”

  1. Regarding China, Trump has been on target to try to renegotiate our financial relationship with China, despite those who object. China is not our friend nor will it be so anytime in the near future. I think this decision to invest so heavily in China in the past was based on the mistaken idea that somehow if China became more capitalistic (through manufacturing more of the world’s goods) then the attitude of the Chinese leaders toward human rights in China would change. What a fractured idea that has turned out to be. They are no more compassionate than they ever were, now just much richer, and we have been the suckers. The leftists still hold on to this mistaken idea, because in fact they are happy to move toward a U.S. government that-like China- controls all that you do and takes away the rights of our citizens. Sadly, the younger generation is buying into this idea. As we speak I see more and more people supporting the idea that we need to be controlled by the government in this time of the Wuhan virus. Socialism seems to them better than a system of government where everyone can play a role and exercise their rights to free speech and freedom religion. We are going down a very bad path. IF Trump is able to get back in office and obtain a Republican house and Senate, there may be a chance to reverse this. If a Democrat gets in charge, we are done for I fear. Certainly the Democrat candidate Biden has already been involved in playing footsie with the Chinese through his son Hunter. Sad situation.

  2. Anne Marie, you’ve ‘hit the nail on the head’ here regarding this
    sorry state of affairs. Keep going – it is an absolute pleasure to
    listen to your honesty and wisdom. Keep it up!

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