Glazov Gang: The Gloating of the Mask-Wearers

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In this new Glazov Gang edition, Jamie sheds a disturbing light on The Gloating of the Mask-Wearers, unveiling the harrowing phenomenon of When being vegan, recycling and supporting illegals is not enough.

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1. The Witch-Hunts by the ‘Stay-at-Home’ ZealotsVirtue-signaling and shaming in a mass fascist health hysteria.

2. Corona and the Serpent’s Lie to Eve — Suicide in the name of perfection and safety.

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One thought on “Glazov Gang: The Gloating of the Mask-Wearers”

  1. These leftist snitches are merely obeying their Chinese communist overlords. Communism demands informants to enforce discipline through fear. Who better to snitch than leftists?

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