Glazov Video: ‘Social Distancing’: Preventing Humans from Gathering in Jesus’s Name

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In this new Jamie Glazov Moment, Jamie discusses ‘Social Distancing’: Preventing Humans from Gathering in Jesus’s Name, sharing his thoughts on The spiritual war right in front of our eyes.

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1. The Mask That Hides God’s Image — The spiritual battle right in front of our eyes.

2. The Witch-Hunts by the ‘Stay-at-Home’ ZealotsVirtue-signaling and shaming in a mass fascist health hysteria.

3. Corona and the Serpent’s Lie to Eve — Suicide in the name of perfection and safety.

Subscribe to the Glazov Gang‘s YouTube Channel and follow us on Twitter: @JamieGlazov.

2 thoughts on “Glazov Video: ‘Social Distancing’: Preventing Humans from Gathering in Jesus’s Name”

  1. Fascinating isn’t it, that abortion clinics can remain open while I can’t get my hip surgery because it is considered to be elective surgery. Why isn’t an abortion considered elective? Seeming the leftists are Ok with the death of hundreds or maybe thousands to ensure that their despicable agendas are carried out. Many have undoubtedly died from failing to receive surgeries that they needed. Furthermore, many people in California have died from suicide, maybe more than from the Wuhan virus according what I just heard on the Dan Bongino show. Finally, as a Christian I am appalled by what our government has done to our faith and my rights under the First Amendment of the Constitution.

  2. After my last 2 trips to the grocery store and being the only one not wearing a mask, I could feel their hate. I came home to write this little ditty, and I am from oHIo. Thanks to my RINO Governor DeWine:

    The People of the Mask

    It started out with a skeptical few,
    The Left planted their seeds
    The Sheepeople quickly grew,
    Most everyone took their place in line,
    Offering their FREEDOM for Governor DeWine,
    I have heard things foreign to my ears,
    “I will give up some Liberty for my Safety”
    How people quickly fold when you play upon their fears.
    I go shopping down to the corner store
    The people of the mask are counting at the door,
    As I enter with my smile for all to see
    The people of mask seem to avoid and shun poor Ol’me !
    I think of how the Jews must have felt in the early days gone by,
    I see distain for what used to be a twinkle in their eye.
    A mob is forming, they have become a separate class,
    Will all this madness end with Kristallnacht,
    the Night of Broken Glass?
    The Left has done their job so well, Turning this Republic into a living hell.

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