Glazov Video: Conditioning Us With Tattoos and Social Media Apps

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In this new Jamie Glazov Moment, Jamie discusses Conditioning Us With Tattoos and Social Media Apps, unveiling how The Deep State’s calculated and morbid plans all falling into place.

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3. Corona and the Serpent’s Lie to Eve — Suicide in the name of perfection and safety.

Subscribe to the Glazov Gang‘s YouTube Channel and follow us on Twitter: @JamieGlazov.

4 thoughts on “Glazov Video: Conditioning Us With Tattoos and Social Media Apps”

  1. Of all the political commentary I’ve watched recently concerning this pandemic, yours is the only one to address the underlying spiritual aspects that are at play. I wanted to express my sincere appreciation and wholehearted support of your courage in doing so as you will undoubtedly be criticized and belittled by those who are hell bent (literally) on either consciously or unconsciously cooperating with a diabolical agenda that continues to chip away at our greatest God-given gift, our free will. I think that we are living in a time where the the warnings given to us at Fatima and Akita are unfolding and fear is now being weaponized. The real battle is not of flesh and bone, but of the spirit. Thank you for using your platform to remind us of this and know that you do have an impact on people like me who are trying to navigate through the confusion and misinformation. Stay well Jamie and God bless!

  2. Thank you. Excellent. I wonder if you might someday do a show just on Bill Gates – he is promoting development of a subcutaneous “tattoo” that is just absorbed into the skin and leave an indelible trace to label one. It supposedly also delivers vaccine – in a patch format. This is evil. Free Americans should reject this absolutely. One would think that the experience we see playing out in real time in China would be enough to tell people to stay away from this kind of technology.

  3. I am assuming these tattoos and apps are satanic in nature. The biggest problem this country faces today is the turn away from our Judeo-Christian faiths. Fewer and fewer believe in a God and even those who do seem to have lost the appetite to defend their faith or to criticize the satanic bent of too many in society.

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