Lopez Video: COVID-19 and China’s Clandestine Biological Weapons Program

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This video is brought to you by a Freedom Center-Glazov Gang collaboration on a new exclusive webinar series, Teach-Ins for the Twenty-First Century. Join us as some of the leading thinkers and pundits on the scene today discuss key issues related to the coronavirus pandemic and its ongoing implications, confronting the Left, the jihad terror threat, and much, much more. And make sure to ask your own questions of our experts.

Hosted by Anni Cyrus, producer of The Glazov Gang and Founder of Live Up To Freedom.

This new webinar features Clare Lopez, the Founder/President of Lopez Liberty LLC.

Clare discusses COVID-19 and China’s Clandestine Biological Weapons Program, unveiling The evil that brews inside China’s illicit biological weapons laboratories.

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One thought on “Lopez Video: COVID-19 and China’s Clandestine Biological Weapons Program”

  1. Dear Annie and Jame,
    Hello Annie! Good morning! I am a persecuted Hindu from India. I watch all the videos in your Glazov Gang programme with keen interest.I like your presentation. I congratulate you for your noble mission to expose the naked truth about Islam. We Hindus are the worst sufferers of Islamic Jihad over 1000 years. Our country, Bharat, of 10,000 years old civilization, mother of all religions and languages, grandmother of all cultures and customs in the world was vivisected to create Pakistan and Bangladesh—two global epicenters of radical Islamic Jihad, now endangering the whole world to total annihilation. I agree with Elsa that all non-Muslims, I mean Hindus, Jews, Christians, Buddhists, Jains and Sikhs and people of other faiths and honest people who want to make this Earth a home for all people of diverse dress and diet, color, creed, languages and traditions, should join hands to raise voice collectively against the atrocities of Islam and Communism, two devils of modern times and perennial bed-partners of evil-world. I would like to request you and Jamie to include India and its indigenous Hindu people everyday being killed, raped and bullied by the Muslims with the help of the Leftists in our country and the power hungry Hindu name bearing Muslims in disguise who are in the administration, academics and even security forces.
    Dr Das

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