Glazov Gang: Should Whites Kneel Down and Beg Black People for Forgiveness?

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This new Glazov Gang episode features Brandon Straka, the Campaign Founder for #WalkAway.

Brandon focuses on: Should Whites Kneel Down and Beg Black People for Forgiveness?, shedding disturbing light on: The Left’s Radical Agenda Takes a Twisted — But Expected — Turn.

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And make sure to watch Will Johnson, the Founder of, discuss Where Are the Protests for David Dorn?, where he sheds a disturbing light on When Back Lives Don’t Matter — to Black Lives Matter.

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2 thoughts on “Glazov Gang: Should Whites Kneel Down and Beg Black People for Forgiveness?”

  1. Americans stopped kneeling to tyranny in 1776. Our country vehemently rejects submission and firmly rejects white supremacy AND black supremacy. Reverse discrimination is the despicable exploitation of the black community by desperate Democrats. The law-abiding black community wants equality and ordered liberty as much as the law-abiding white community. Nancy Pelosi should get off her knees, take off her unnecessary mask, remove her contrived African Kente sash, and get back to work to help make MLK’s dream of equality a reality. Rioting and anarchy never lead to peace – they are the precursors of tyranny. Costumed, kneeling Pelosi and her globalist handlers are deliberately fomenting racial divisiveness, social chaos, and anarchy in their bid to blame Trump and defeat him in November. Chaos is their political strategy – it is the preferred political strategy of tyrants.

  2. Great. And there is even the mentioning of God, that gives hope.
    So I might have to follow you now. I am in Vienna, Austria, my homecountry, I lived 15 years in the States.

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